Hanoi in Vietnam’s top 2 cities with highest proportion of female entrepreneurs
The bigger the economic size the higher the number of enterprises run by women, said Vu Tien Loc, chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
17:51, 2019/12/04
Vietnam’s labor market remains grey area of reform effort
The progress of reform in the labor market remains slow, in some cases, new laws are causing difficulties for enterprises, instead of simplifying business conditions, said an expert.
18:01, 2019/11/27
Institutional barriers restrict development of Vietnam farmland market
In spite of huge demand, the inefficient legal framework is making the process of land grouping difficult for all parties involved.
10:18, 2019/11/26
Foreign competition the smallest concern for Vietnam’s logistics firms in CPTPP
Direct impacts from the CPTPP agreement would not be significant, but means a more stable and predictable environment for logistics firms in Vietnam, according to an expert.
22:14, 2019/11/05
Vietnam’s state firms trail behind in digitalization process
From the state firms’ perspective with the priority of ensuring no loss to state capital, investments in innovation pose high risks due to its uncertain nature, which could translate into successes into the long term or not.