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Strong ties between businesses and press in a difficult time: Experts
Hai Yen 09:47, 2023/06/06
Practical experience has shown that the relationship between the press and companies is one of accompanying each other and co-developing.

At the "Media and Enterprises - Companions for Sustainability" forum hosted by The Economic and Urban Newspaper today [June 5], experts shared their views on the relationship between enterprises and the press.

Deputy Director of the Press Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications Dang Khac Loi: Press contributes to a favorable business environment

 Deputy Director of the Press Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications Dang Khac Loi. Photo: Thanh Tra Newspaper

In the process of national development, entrepreneurs and enterprises are an important part of the great bloc of national unity and play a vital role in the country's construction and economic progress.

To realize the socio-economic development goals, it is imperative to continue fostering a favorable business environment and nurture a team of entrepreneurs and enterprises that align with the country's development goals while adapting to the ever-changing global landscape.

The recent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted businesses and presented them with immense challenges. However, it is crucial to recognize that the press and media are an integral part of the business environment and play a significant role in developing businesses and cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit within the nation.

Practical experience has shown that the relationship between the press and enterprises involves mutual companionship and joint development. The press is important in creating a healthy and competitive environment and provides a platform for presenting corporate brands to consumers. In addition, the press helps enterprises conduct genuine business and promote their development while encouraging social entrepreneurship and improving positive business culture.

On the other hand, businesses serve as a valuable source of information, key partners, and customers for the press.

The press and business must continue to strengthen their cooperative relationship and work together in a friendly, professional, and efficient manner. This partnership aims to enhance capacity, promote sustainable development and contribute to the nation's overall progress.

Building on the achievements already made, the press must improve the quality and effectiveness of its information and coverage of the economy, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Professionalism, objectivity, honesty, fairness, and promotion of entrepreneurship should remain at the core of their coverage. Negative phenomena and the spreading of false and inaccurate information that could affect businesses and the business environment should be eliminated.

Efforts should be made to foster a culture within press agencies that is consistent with the values of professionalism and business ethics. Timely recognition and appreciation should be given to press agencies and journalists, as well as to exemplary businesses and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the economic and social development of the country.

In addition, businesses and entrepreneurs should be supported in developing their knowledge and skills in communicating effectively with the press, providing information, and managing interactions with the press. Support should also be provided for the digital transformation of press agencies, including training programs for agency managers, reporters, and editors in business and digital transformation.

Director of the Hanoi Department of Information and Communication Nguyen Viet Hung: Press and businesses to join hands in overcoming difficulties

 Director of the Hanoi’s Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Viet Hung. Photo: Pham Hung/The Hanoi Times

Over the past three years, the press and business communities have faced numerous challenges due to the complex evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of political, economic, and social changes around the world. Some newspapers have struggled to balance the books, while cases of journalists or reporters violating ethical standards have been reported.

Similarly, the business community must reckon with much as 2023 gets underway. In particular, according to data from the Hanoi Statistics Department, more than 13,000 new enterprises with registered capital of VND125.9 trillion ($5.36 billion) were established in Hanoi in the first five months, representing an 8% increase in the number of enterprises but a 17% decrease in registered capital compared to the same period last year. In addition, there were 1,500 liquidated enterprises, a decrease of 5%, while 12,600 enterprises were registered as temporarily suspended, an increase of 22%.

These statistics highlight the challenges facing the economy. In this context, the media plays an important role in supporting the development of enterprises and entrepreneurs by serving as a timely companion, supporting and encouraging their production and business activities. The media must be willing to stand by enterprises and share their difficulties. Therefore, practicing "mutual empathy in suffering" becomes crucial for the press and enterprises to overcome challenges and move forward together.

Providing timely communication advice to companies for brand and product development, as well as providing support and finding reasonable solutions to help them address issues within the legal framework, are crucial aspects of effective communication today.

Through the media, exemplary entrepreneurs, reputable enterprises, effective production and business models, and sustainable business approaches suitable for the modern market economy are widely disseminated.

In addition, press agencies at both central and local levels provide timely coverage of policy dialogues and initiatives aimed at addressing difficulties and challenges faced by enterprises.

Vice President of the Hanoi Small and Medium Enterprises Association Mac Quoc Anh: Win-win relations

 Vice President of the Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Mac Quoc Anh. 

Enterprises often face challenges when establishing relationships with the press for brand-building purposes. During the development process, businesses may encounter communication crises that require skillful handling. Moreover, they must effectively engage with the press to foster sustainable brand development.

However, the press also plays a crucial role in supporting businesses by providing attention, giving them a voice, and offering recommendations for open policies and brand promotion. To accomplish this, a symbiotic relationship between the press and businesses is essential.

Undoubtedly, official information conveyed through the press is a foundation for businesses' confidence in their production and operations. Furthermore, their partnership during branding and product promotion activities reflects the relationship between the press and businesses.

To foster a closer relationship with the business community, it is important to prioritize social responsibility and consistently encourage business. The goal is to help build a strong, resilient, and thriving digital economy in Vietnam that is deeply integrated with the global economy.

Continuous innovation in operational strategies and the provision of trustworthy content is key. The press should always strive to be a reliable partner in developing businesses and entrepreneurs.

In addition, the press must maintain high journalistic and ethical standards. Efforts should be made to minimize misinformation and prioritize factual and accurate reporting. Even a single irresponsible article can significantly impact the reputation of entrepreneurs and businesses.

Director of  Hanoi Urban Railway Vu Hong Truong: Press remains key to promoting polite traffic 

 Director of Metro Hanoi Vu Hong Truong.

To truly showcase the capital's beauty, journalists should further strengthen their role in promoting urban transport's importance, role, difficulties, and challenges in a rapidly urbanizing country like Vietnam, where motorcycles are the main means of transportation.

The media should lead in shaping public opinion and fostering understanding of the immense benefits of shifting from private vehicles to public transportation, especially fast, spacious, and environmentally friendly options such as urban railways.

It is crucial to rigorously criticize uncivilized actions while honoring and highlighting drivers' positive images and behaviors. With the participation of the entire political system and the support of the people, this collective effort will help Hanoi become more civilized and truly worthy of its status as the capital of "Thousand Years of Civilization".

The operation of the Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway has positively transformed travel habits by encouraging a shift from private cars to public transportation, thereby fostering a more civilized and polite traffic culture.

To achieve these outcomes, the significant role played by central and Hanoi-based press agencies in accompanying the Hanoi Urban Railway cannot be overlooked. The press and media have shared the initial challenges, promoted the benefits of the urban railway system, and provided encouragement and motivation to the Hanoi Metro staff.

Through the Cat Linh - Ha Dong line, the press and media have emerged as crucial factors in driving travel behavior change and cultivating a transit culture among passengers.

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