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Solutions to boost labor quality: Experts
Khanh Khanh 17:28, 2023/03/29
Local experts suggest it is necessary to coordinate with employers in the recruitment, organization of training, and retraining of employees to overcome the shortage of qualified workers and contribute to the recovery of production and business activities.

Hanoi's authorities will come up with specific solutions to improve the quality of labor and link vocational training with labor market demand, targeting 73.2% of skilled workers by the end of 2023.

Submunicipal authorities, experts, and people have shared with Hanoimoi Newspaper the labor market outlook and proposals to address problems related to recruitment and vocational training problems in the city.

 Local workers are learning sewing skills at the Hanoi Center for Employment Service. Photo: Hanoimoi Newspaper

Director of Hanoi Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs Bach Lien Huong: Focus on linking vocational training with enterprises

In recent years, vocational training institutions in the city have synchronously implemented many solutions, focusing on connecting vocational training with enterprises to meet their labor needs.

The department has advised the municipal People's Committee to guide departments, branches and units in implementing vocational training and enrollment activities.

The city's vocational training institutions have made great efforts in recruitment and vocational training. In 2022, Hanoi enrolled and trained more than 250,000 people, reaching 112% of this year's plan, up 13.2% year-on-year. This has contributed to providing skilled workers for the capital's labor market. The proportion of graduates from colleges and vocational schools is nearly 80%.

Vice Chairman of Ung Hoa District People's Committee Ngo Tien Hoang: Flexibility for real-world adaptation

In recent years, the district has carried out vocational training linked to the new programs and goals of rural construction and the socio-economic development plans and would adjust them according to reality.

Families with meritorious service to the revolution, poor and near-poor households, and households whose land had been confiscated for public construction were given priority for training. After the training, more than 80% of the rural workers have found new jobs or are still doing the same jobs but with higher productivity and quality.

On the basis of 11 groups of tasks and solutions of Plan No. 70/KH-UBND, the district will coordinate with relevant authorities to organize vocational training programs that meet the needs of learners and are closely related to the labor market in the new stage.

Vu Thanh Ha, Quang Trung Ward, Ha Dong District: Organization of many career guidance programs

Today's young people have more choices than ever regarding education and career choices. Employers have a shortage of trained employees and even have to resort to students from prestigious vocational schools, while university graduates face a "redundancy crisis" and fierce competition for employment.

I hope that the municipal Department of Education and Training and the local department of labor, invalids and social affairs, in cooperation with vocational schools, will organize many career guidance programs and provide students and parents with a list of vocational training institutions so that they would choose a suitable career.

Truong Tuan Kiet, Kim Van Kim Lu Urban Area, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District: Adapting to the labor market

It is necessary to focus on developing human resources for both mental and physical work. To this end, the city must pay attention to investment in facilities, personnel, and study programs at secondary schools and vocational training institutions, in addition to improving the quality of education at universities and colleges. The development of vocational education will help improve the quality of human resources, adapt them to the labor market, and meet the requirements of the industrial revolution.

Director of the embroidery factory of Duc Giang Corporation Le Trong Phong: Changing perceptions about the role of vocational training

There is still a shortage of well-trained and skilled workers in the labor market. Manufacturing companies are willing to pay skilled workers well, even more than many university graduates. Demand for skilled workers and a good income are two attractive factors for young people to change their perception of the role of vocational training.

I think the management agencies need to improve people's awareness about the role of vocational education and training in socio-economic development and sustainable enterprises.

To attract more students, it is necessary to modernize the training equipment in vocational training institutions and at the same time to coordinate with employers in the recruitment, organization of training, and retraining of employees to overcome the shortage of qualified workers and contribute to the recovery of production and business activities.

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