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Scent of grapefruit flowers filled up streets of Hanoi
Duy Khanh - Thuy Duong 15:37, 2021/02/25
The flowers fragrance breeze could be smelled in the streets where a flower vendor is about to pass by.

Late-February and Early-March is also the season when the grapefruit flowers are in full bloom. Amid the bustle of the new day, the hustle of the daily life, the enchanting scent of grapefruit blossoms draws passerby who might want to stop for a moment, just to breath in the gentle fragrance in the air.

Brought from the rural suburbs of Hanoi, the simple rustic white flowers have won the hearts of Hanoians for their sweet and seductive scent.
Grapefruit flowers are in full bloom for only a short time, usually for two to three weeks, after that the flowers usually fade and the tree begins to bear fruits.
The porcelain white flower with bright yellow pistils are loaded on bamboo baskets by flower vendors who pedal around Hanoi streets to find customers.
The fragrant aromas of the tiny flowers can enchant many romantic souls.
As the season is changing, it is drizzling all day and the sky turns gloomy making people feel a little bit uncomfortable. Then the pristine white grapefruit flowers appear, dispelling all the downheartedness with their fabulous aroma.  

In grapefruit flower season, Hanoian usually buy a few grapefruit flower clusters to place on their family’s altars as offerings to ancestors.

Grapefruit flowers are harvested from gardens in Hoa Binh, Hung Yen and Ha Nam provinces. Grapefruit flower season starts from mid-February to early-March and only blooms from two three weeks to fruiting. 
On average, a bunch of grapefruit has a “life span” of five to seven days and is sold by weight, with prices being offered at the outset of VND40,000 (US$1.5) per 100 grams and VND300,000 ($13) per kilogram.

Grapefruit flowers are also used to create flavors for some Hanoi’s specialties. They are used to cook lotus seed sweet soup, enhance the flavour of fresh sugarcane, or create aroma for tea or dried tapioca, all are tasty dishes and drinks of Hanoians.

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