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UPDATE: Vietnam confirms 34th coronavirus case
Linh Pham 15:02, 2020/03/10
The latest patient met and joined a party with the first case of Hanoi who returned to the country on March 2.

[18:30] As of Tuesday afternoon [March 10], Vietnam reported one more case positive with the coronavirys, bringing the total number of infections to 34.

A 51-year-old Vietnamese woman has been confirmed positive with SARS-CoV-2 and now under the treatment in the central province of Binh Thuan.

Her travel history showed that she flew on February 22 from Vietnam to the US transiting at Incheon airport, South Korea. The return flight was between February 29 and March 2 with a stopover at Qatar airport. She landed at Tan San Nhat International Airport.

On March 9, she was admitted to Binh Thuan General Hospital and quarantined for the new coronavirus tests.

Before that, a Brish tourist, 58, became the 33rd patient in the country. This person shared the same flight from London to Hanoi on March 2 as Nguyen Hong Nhung, who was the first case of Hanoi.

With this case, the list of infections aboard that plane lengthens with 12 people as of March 10. 

 The latest case is under the treatment in Ho Chi Minh City

The 32nd case is T.N, 24, now under treatment in Ho Chi Minh City after returning to the country from London, the UK by a private jet on Monday morning, local media reported.

T.N. is said to be daughter of a famous businessman in Vietnam.

The girl showed symptoms of pneumonia on March 2. She met and joined a party with Nguyen Hong Nhung, the first case of Hanoi, in London on February 27.

T.N went to a hospital in London for medical checkup and was given outpatient treatment. On March 7 after learning about Nhung’s infection, she came back to the hospital and told the doctors about her contact history but was told to be isolated at home without any test for SARS-CoV-2.

After returning to Vietnam, T.N was sent to Cu Chi Field Hospital for isolation and taken samples for testing which showed positive on the same day.

She is now with fever and dry cough but no shortness of breath.

 Source: Vietnam's Ministry of Health

In a related move, Ho Chi Minh City authorities have call for medical checkup of Vietnamese artists who participated in Milan Fashion Week on February 18-24.

The city expected that any artists who came from the event will soon cooperate with local authorities for medical checkup after an attendee of the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks was tested positive with the new coronavirus.

The attendee is elder sister of Nguyen Hong Nhung, the first case of Hanoi, who returned the country from London on March 2. Nhung also visited Milan in mid-February.

So far, Vietnam has 32 people infected with the new coronavirus, including 12 foreigners who are British (8), Chinese (2), one Irish, and one Mexican.

As of March 10, the global infected people hit 114,433, including 4,027 deaths, of them, 3,136 in China. Italy becomes the largest virus outbreak outside China with 9,172 cases and 463 deaths. South Korea ranks second with 7,513 (54 deaths), followed by Iran with 7,161 (237 deaths).

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