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Repeated war and new security crisis
Ambassador Tran Duc Mau 13:55, 2023/10/22
Armed crashes between Hamas and Israel could break out at any time as long as there isn't any political peaceful solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict in sight.

The Palestinian Hamas's carefully planned and militarily heavy attacks against Israel surprised both Israel and the outside world. They led to the 5th war between Hamas and Israel since the foundation of Hamas in 1987. 

 Rockets launched from Gaza into Israel. Photo: AFP/VNA

They so seriously damaged Israel's security and the highly acclaimed reputation of Israel's military and intelligence agencies that Israel has to and will hit back with its determination to eliminate Hamas as one of the main security threats for Israel and to prevent being attacked again by Hamas like this time. This war is a repeated war between Hamas and Israel and forging a new security crisis in the Middle East.


This war is the confirmation that armed crashes between Hamas and Israel could break out at any time as long as there isn't any political peaceful solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict in sight. It demonstrated more clearly than ever before that Israel could only be at ease with its security if peace and peaceful coexistence between one Israeli State and one Palestinian State have been reached.


This war is now shaping a new security crisis in the Middle East. It is the resurgence of the age-old conflicts between Israel and many Arabian countries in this part of the world, full of mutual hate, mistrust, and confrontation. There are enhanced efforts and actions by many powers outside the region to gain geopolitical influence and monopolize leadership in this region. It is the hopeless perspective of reaching peace, conciliation between Israel and Palestine, and political solutions for the Israel-Palestine conflict.


One major consequence of this new security crisis will be the stop or slowdown of the diplomatic rapprochement process between Israel and Arab countries. A restart of this process will be very difficult and will take taking long time to account. Now, it will be, once again, time for religious extremists and political fanatics from all religious and political spectra in as well as outside this region. This war will go on and new similar wars will break out in the near, not far future. Violence and chaos, instability, and insecurity will durably shape the general situation in this region.


The US under Joe Biden's administration is now facing no other alternative than to return to this region, to be more present, to more direct and more robust engage in the region's affairs. In other words, the US is now at the same time on many fronts: Ukraine, the Middle East, China, Russia, and others..... The interesting question is whether and how long the US can afford to deal with these challenges. The more outside powers and


Many outside powers and nations are considering and using the new security crisis in this region as an opportunity to occupy a diplomatically mediating role between Israel and Hamas to broker a cease-fire deal or a peace agreement between Israel and Hamas. Their race is already in. But their competition is more bad than good for the region because, as people are often saying, "too many cooks spoil the broth".


This repeated war and the new security crisis in the Middle East are now the best way to have what it takes to slowly overshadow the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Ambassador Tran Duc Mau are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Hanoi Times.

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