Italian Ambassador owns 11 Vietnamese Ao dai
Tu Anh 09:47, 2017/03/03
Hanoitimes - Italian Ambassador disclosed that, she was big fan of Ao dai, during a press conference about Italian Design Day.

On March 1st, Italy Embassy in Hanoi hold press conference of “Italian Design Day” (2nd – 3rd March). This is idea of Italian Foreign Affair Ministry aiming to introduce Italian unique culture to Vietnamese.
Italian Ambassador Cecilia Piccioni
Italian Ambassador Cecilia Piccioni
At the brief, Italian Ambassador Cecilia Piccioni confirmed Hanoi was among more than 100 places selected to hold Italian Design Day, besides others big cities such as New York, Washington DC,  Moscow… The selection show high appreciation and cooperation effort of Italia to Hanoi as well as Vietnam. Target of Italian Design Day 2017 is to facilitate following event so called “Living in Italian style” happen in the same year. It brings chance for Italy and Vietnam broaden operation in design, fashion…
On this occasion, Ambassador Cecilia Piccioni showed the love to Ao dai – traditional outfit of Vietnamese. The ambassador disclosed that she owned 11 items of Ao dai. “The charming of Ao dai is making people wear them feel so girly and graceful”, said the Ambassador. In the future, Mrs. Piccioni hopes Ao dai would be concerned more by not only modern Vietnam woman but also people all around the world. So far, she suggested Ao dai could be designed in modernized way to approach other culture.
Ms Barbara Trebisch – Design Ambassador in Vietnam said “Italian Design Day” created to arouse more chances for both side designers to meet and discuss new ideas.
Events belong to “Italian Design Day”:
- On March 2nd, at Casa Italia (18 Le Phung Hieu, Hanoi), would be Exhibition “50+! The great industry game” an iconographic exhibition on design, industry and architecture. A journey back in time through iconic items that shaped – along with the “Made in Italy” as we know it today – costume, history, economy and the way of life of Italian society.
- On March 3rd, at Construction University, Hanoi, Ms Barbara Trebisch will attend an international conference of fashion, architecture and industry art with Vietnamese designers, experts. 
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