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Hanoians on first day of on-site dining after social distancing
From 7:00 am on October 14, many eateries in Hanoi opened to welcome people after months of social distancing.

Hanoi has allowed on-site dining and drinking, starting at 6:00 am on October 14. Many Hanoians left home early for eating out and enjoying coffee after a long time observing the stay-at-home order.

Over 4,000 infections have been recorded in the capital city since the fourth coronavirus wave hit Vietnam in late April. The infections have been rapidly dropping over the last ten days, with under ten new cases confirmed a day in quarantine centers.

After spending nearly two months under strict social distancing rules from July 24 to September 21, Hanoi has begun to relaxing Covid-19 restrictions as the country moves towards the new normal, which is essentially safely adapting to the pandemic.

In a document issued by Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh Wednesday, eateries and other food and beverage establishments (wine bars, pubs, and beer venues ) would be allowed to offer on-site dining at half of their maximum seating capacity.

People must maintain a safe distance from each other, or with a screen in between. Owners and their employees must be fully vaccinated, and their customers must declare their health status via QR codes and strictly implement Covid-19 prevention measures.

From 7:00 am on October 14, many eateries in Hanoi were crowded with people eating breakfast.

At a “Pho” (noodle) restaurant on Van Cao Street, at 8:20 am, the owner installed a partition between seats and displayed QR-code for customers to make medical declarations.

All customers are allowed to sit provided that they keep a safe distance from others and scan the QR code with their phones to register their visit as prescribed.

At coffee shops, customers are allowed to sit two meters apart from each other in accordance with regulations.

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