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Hanoian farmers to be trained on techniques for circular agricultural practices
Khanh Phi 14:56, 2022/09/06
The latest plan of the city is expected to improve the living standards of farmers.

Around 150,000 farmers representing various households in Hanoian will attend technical courses on applying biotechnology in recycling livestock waste and by-products into organic materials to make organic fertilizer on-site, developing circular farming practices.

 A paddy field at Dong Phu Commune in Chuong My District. Photo: Tung Nguyen/ The Hanoi Times

This is the latest plan issued by the Hanoi People’s Committee on promoting the reuse and recycling of organic waste and agricultural by-products into raw materials, fuel, and environmentally-friendly products associated with the value chain of organic agricultural products in the city in the 2023-2025 period.

This plan also aims to concretize Program No. 04 of the Hanoi Party Committee on "Strengthening the effective implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Area Development in association with restructuring the agriculture sector and developing the rural economy, improving the lives of farmers in the 2021-2025 period".

The city strives for 100% of the rural population to have access to information on the collection, treatment, recycling, and processing of organic waste and agricultural by-products into raw materials, fuel, and environmentally friendly products associated with the value chain of organic agricultural products.

The city will also encourage the development of measures to boost the application of technology in reusing and recycling agricultural waste and by-products in association with the organic farming chain, serving the circular economy as well as ensuring the living environment of people in rural areas, which would be green, clean, beautiful, safe and civilized.

Especially, the plan is also aimed at changing the habits and awareness of farmers on sustainable production and consumption, contributing to the protection of the agricultural and rural environment and towards circular economy and green growth.

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