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Hanoi to check companies' compliance
Anh Kiet 17:36, 2023/02/11
The inspection is aimed to ensure that the legitimate rights of workers are guaranteed.

The Hanoi Confederation of Labor will monitor compliance with the Labor Code, the Trade Union Law, the Social Security Law, among others in about 1,200 enterprises. 

Garment production workers at Wisewear Design General Trading And Production Co., Ltd in Hanoi. Photo: Pham Kien

The unions will focus on monitoring compliance with collective labor agreements and legal policies governing the rights of members and workers, said Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Confederation of Labor Le Dinh Hung.  

In addition, trade unions at all levels must diversify activities to support union members and workers, ensuring efficiency and timeliness, Hung said, adding that they have to implement measures to protect the employment, life, income and welfare of workers, and to build harmonious and stable relations in companies.

"Recently, the union at all levels in the capital has promptly resolved the problems that have arisen without leaving any major complications," Hung said.

He noted workers have appreciated that the Party, State, authorities and socio-political organizations have taken good care of policy beneficiaries, families with meritorious services to the country, and needy people.

However, in 2022, Hanoi saw more than five walk-outs with the participation of 1,000 workers struck, and 89 work accidents injuring 112 people.

In particular, there were still almost 79,000 companies in arrears in the payment of premiums of social security, health insurance, and unemployment insurance, which has affected the lives of some 941,000 employees.

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