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Hanoi targets 500 products on shelves of foreign distribution networks
Ngoc Mai 15:09, 2023/03/28
The plan will leverage Hanoi's export advantages and establish strong strategic partnerships among local manufacturers, exporters, and foreign distribution networks.

Hanoi aims to help 300 enterprises improve their ability to participate in cross-border e-commerce, and over 500 export products enter foreign distribution networks.

 Vietnamese mangos in a supermarket in Japan. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The city’s action plan aimed to encourage Vietnamese enterprises to engage directly in foreign distribution networks by 2030.

The city will promote the active involvement of Hanoi's enterprises in the global production, supply, and distribution chain by facilitating direct exports to foreign distribution networks.

The plan aims to build strong strategic partnerships between local manufacturers, exporters, and foreign distribution networks in traditional and e-commerce channels, leveraging the advantages of Hanoi's export goods.

Throughout the program, enterprises have been able to fine-tune their operations to achieve a stable and sustainable production-export-distribution model while at the same time promoting systematic and sustainable production approaches to improve their competitiveness in the long run, according to the plan.

As part of the program, the initiative aims to encourage domestic and foreign investment in clean and sustainable green production and high-quality export processing to add value to Hanoi's export goods.

Among the key objectives, Hanoi aims to provide market information to 5,000 enterprises, and to train and counsel 1,000 enterprises to improve their competitiveness and supply capacity, enabling them to gradually participate in the global value chain.

The city will also help 300 enterprises build their capacity to engage in cross-border e-commerce, organize 1,000 networking events, and facilitate trade with foreign distribution networks. In addition, the project aims to support the direct export of more than 500 products to foreign distribution networks.

In the first two months of the year, Hanoi's export turnover of goods was estimated at US$2.3 billion, down 4.8% compared to the same period last year. The domestic sector accounted for $1.2 billion, down 3.3%, while the FDI accounted for $1.1 billion, down 6.4%.

Major commodity groups, such as textiles and apparel, transportation equipment and spare parts, agricultural products, wood and wood products, and other commodities, experienced declines in export turnover ranging from 4.2 percent to 21.7 percent. However, some other commodity groups, such as computers, electronic goods and components, machinery, equipment and spare parts, gasoline, and telephones and components, saw their export turnover increase by between 1.8% and 40.1%.

During the same period, the estimated import turnover of goods was $5.8 billion, a slight increase of 0.1% over the same period last year.

Some major import commodity groups, such as petroleum, machinery, equipment and spare parts, computers, electronic goods and components, transportation equipment and spare parts, and iron and steel, experienced decreases in import value ranging from 9.4% to 41.7%. However, some other commodity groups, such as corn, animal feed, and other goods, experienced increases in import value ranging from 10.4% to 48.4%.

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