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Hanoi in 2045 through creativity of young people
Jenna Duong 19:26, 2022/09/30
Hanoi Future Capital exhibition shows the will and aspirations of young people for the “Creative City” in the future.

The Hanoi Youth Union on September 29 launched "Hanoi Future Capital", a creative exhibition space showing young Hanoians' creativeness on the future of the capital city by 2045. 

A visitor to the “Hanoi Future Capital” exhibition experienced virtual reality technology to discover Hanoi in the future. Photo: Hanoi Youth Union   

The exhibition aims to help young people review the capital's heroic history and express their aspirations about Hanoi's profile until 2045.

The two thematic areas titled "History of Hanoi" and "Capital of the Future" are connected by a "creative path".

Previously, there were already 16,000 visits to www.hanoi2045.vn website to contribute to the "Hanoi 2045 Project", which envisions the capital city's future urban plan.

Accordingly, there were six favorite "futuristic works", including "Eco-regulating lake", "Camping site", "Healing center", "Commercial and entertainment complex", "Urban agricultural area" and "Sports complex".

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to admire existing models of Hanoi's buildings, as well as the "spaces of Hanoi in the future" with modern urban areas through virtual reality (VR) technology via narrator robots.

 The space of the “Hanoi Future Capital” exhibition. Photo: Hanoi Youth Union

Architect Vi Thi Nguyet said her creative team has designed a "High-Tech Educational Complex" in the west, an "Urban Airport" as well as a "Modern Financial Complex" in the north of today's Hanoi city.

In the area along the Red River, the team has also created a "Carbon-Free Residential Zone," where future citizens of the "Creative Capital" will be able to live, study and work in harmony with the extensive nature and water.

Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Youth Union Tran Quang Hung said that the Hanoi2045 Project opens up a creative future for the capital. “Hopefully, Hanoi in the future will be more civilized and modern, but still retain the values of its traditional culture and gorgeous historical buildings,” he stated.

Hanoi2045 Project is co-implemented by the Hanoi Youth Union, the Hanoi Student Union, the Hubmeta Institute for Digital Transformation and Smart Governance and the international consulting company enCity.

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