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Hanoi hosts launching of national cybersecurity incident coordination platform
Khanh Khanh 21:08, 2022/06/23
Once the platform comes into operation, it will promote the national cybersecurity incident response network to work more effectively.

The national cybersecurity incident coordination platform was launched at the Vietnam Security Summit 2022, with the theme “Cybersecurity for national digital platforms: Creating a sustainable digital future” on June 23 in Hanoi.

 Delegates kick off the launching of the national cybersecurity incident coordination platform. Photos: MIC

The Authority of Information Security under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) said once this platform comes into operation, it will promote the national cybersecurity incident response network to work more effectively.

Speaking at the event, Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications said that bolstering digital transformation based on digital platforms doesn’t mean ensure cybersecurity as digital platforms will not have a durable resistance to attacks with increasing frequency, large scale and sophisticated technical, which may cause great consequences. 

“The basic characteristics of the platform are sharing, large number of users, big data generation. Digital platforms will be the targets of cybercriminals,” he pointed out.

Vietnamese digital platforms are also the national cyberspace where many Vietnamese agencies, organizations, businesses and people take place. Thus, ensuring safety for national digital platforms is also protecting national cyberspace, he emphasized.

 The interface of the platform

From the perspective of businesses operating in cybersecurity, Phuong Nguyen, Founder of ECQ Global said that Vietnam needs build a system that can assess the level of cybersecurity system of enterprises, thereby tightening time and restricting the scope and infiltration techniques.

"Therefore, cybersecurity also needs a fundamental change in awareness and practice. Platform developers need to spend at least 20-30% for network cybersecurity features to ensure the implementation of cybersecurity correctly and professionally, Phuong said. 

Within the framework of the event, there will have three seminars "Strengthening cybersecurity for digital government: Objectives and challenges", "Protecting business data in the digital era", "Technological trends responding to future cyberattacks”.

Parallel to the seminars is an international exhibition on information safety and security technology with the participant of more than 30 leading security solution providers in the region and the world.

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