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Hanoi discusses solutions to make public transport attractive
Anh Kiet 15:06, 2022/10/06
The public transport system in Hanoi has been upgraded, meeting the travel demand of locals.

Hanoi needs more solutions to make public transport more convenient and attractive, according to experts at an online seminar with the theme "Solutions to Attract Customers to Public Transport" held by Kinh Te & Do Thi (Economic and Urban) newspaper on October 5.

The seminar is aimed at communicating the law on ensuring traffic order and safety, raising people's awareness of law compliance, and building traffic culture and urban civilization in Hanoi and the whole country.

The discussion also aims to implement the Hanoi People's Committee's plan on "Strengthening traffic order and safety, curbing traffic congestion in the period 2022-2025", as well as finding ways to meet the target of public passenger transport carrying 30-35% of commuters in 2025.

According to Thai Ho Phuong, deputy director of the Hanoi Public Transport Management and Operation Center, the city's public transport network currently has 154 bus lines reaching every corner of the city.


Deputy director of the Hanoi Public Transport Management and Operation Center Thai Ho Phuong answers questions from readers at the seminar. Photo: Pham Cong/ The Hanoi Times


“In the first nine months of 2022, the bus system has a ridership of 215 million and achieved revenue of over VND400 billion (US$16.8 million). The public transport system in the city has been upgraded, meeting the travel demand of locals,” Phuong said.

He said Hanoi is currently renovating its bus fleet by introducing electric buses, developing a smart ticket system, and connecting bus lines and urban railway service to make it more convenient for people to use public transport.

We hope to receive comments from the people to make adjustments and increase connectivity between urban railways and buses,” Phuong stressed.

Meanwhile, the general director of Hanoi Urban Railway Company Limited (Metro Hanoi), Vu Hong Truong, said the Cat Linh-Ha Dong railway line is now competitive with private vehicles in the 1-kilometre distance. It is competing with motorcycles, cars and other vehicles in terms of time and cost.

He cited that more than 6.4 million passengers had used the metro line in October. During rush hour, the ridership reaches 5-6 thousand.

“Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway has changed people's habits. They are walking one or two kilometres to the railway station instead of riding a motorbike," he said.

 General Director of Hanoi Urban Railway Company Limited (Metro Hanoi) Vu Hong Truong. Photo: Pham Cong/ The Hanoi Times


According to the General Director of Hanoi Urban Railway Company Limited (Metro Hanoi), Vu Hong Truong, the Cat Linh - Ha Dong metro line has been in operation for nearly a year and has achieved many encouraging results in ridership and quality of service.

“For urban railway transport to be successful, it is necessary to have a unique approach and solution,” Truong said.

According to Truong, a flexible fare policy has been suitable for different passengers. Besides, it is necessary to facilitate interchange between railway and bus.

A traffic expert, Nguyen Van Du, said that Hanoi needs an operating center to control the mass transit network fully.

Traffic expert Nguyen Van Du at the seminar. Photo: Pham Cong/ The Hanoi Times

"Furthermore, in my opinion, Hanoi also needs more solutions to reorganize traffic, namely the planning of parking lots, especially in the city center, to make it more convenient for people using public transport," Du said.

In addition, Hanoi also needs a reasonable traffic management policy. In other words, solutions should create both pulling and pushing forces for public transport to dominate the market and win the hearts of residents.

Hanoi has become a megacity with more than eight million inhabitants and almost 7.5 million private vehicles. However, according to a report released by the Hanoi Centre for Public Transport Management, the capital's public transport network carries less than 15% of commuters.

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