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Hanoi as an event city: It's time to improve core values
Cam Anh 17:07, 2023/07/31
Cultural exchanges will also create favorable conditions for the Government's socio-economic and diplomatic activities and deepen the friendship between Hanoi and overseas countries.

The goal of becoming a City of events is so meaningful for the growth of Hanoi that the city government needs more effort to realize its ambitions, Ex-Vice Director of Hanoi's Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Truong Minh Tien, told The Hanoi Times about this issue.

 Former Deputy Director of Hanoi's Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Truong Minh Tien.Photo: The Hanoi Times. 

What is the role of international cultural exchange in Hanoi's cultural development?

In terms of international cultural exchange, Vietnam and Hanoi, in particular, are dominated by the growing trend of globalization and integration with the world.

Cultural exchange is crucial to the development of cultural business. Theoretically, it is a way to promote Vietnam's soft power in the international integration process.

As a thousand-year-old historical capital, the brand name of Hanoi further enhances Vietnam's image in the world.

To a certain extent, cultural exchanges will also create favorable conditions for the Government's socio-economic and diplomatic activities and deepen the friendship between Hanoi and overseas countries.

What are the outstanding programs and activities of the city worth mentioning?

The city has promoted cultural exchange events between Hanoi and other cities, especially on the occasion of diplomatic relations in even-numbered years between Vietnam and other countries, and at the same time sent delegations to participate in Hanoi Days in Moscow, Japan and Korea.

The recent Vietnam-France Decentralized Cooperation Conference hosted by Hanoi is a good example. Its success has contributed to improving local-to-local cooperation between the two countries and left a stunning impression on foreign friends about Hanoi as a dynamic and open capital city.

On the other hand, the expansion of Ho Guom pedestrian streets also facilitates international exchange activities and cultural events. We combine cultural promotion with the introduction of industrial, handicraft and agricultural products - together with the presentation of traditional values to visitors. These activities are dynamic and meaningful.

At this time of strong promotion of the capital's cultural industry, how should cultural exchange activities be innovated to build the cultural industry?

First of all, it must be said that Hanoi is the first locality in the country to issue Resolution No. 09 on the development of the cultural industry, focusing on some key areas such as cultural heritage, music performance, handicraft villages, creative software, which integrates the development of the cultural industry with the creative city.

Here, the strengths of Hanoi City must be clearly defined according to each advantage listed in the resolution. Then we need to identify the competencies - for example, as the field of cultural heritage is very large, including both tangible and intangible heritage, we need to find the most distinctive core values to exploit.

Among the thousands of handicraft villages in Hanoi, we should choose which ones to focus on to make them contribute to Hanoi Creative City.

In the process of developing a creative city, we need to support start-ups and invest in human resources who are capable and enthusiastic. In addition, it is necessary to mobilize various resources, including infrastructure and financing. Regarding the service industry, Hanoi's potential has not been promoted. From the first step, a clear and specific strategy is needed.

Hanoi's innovation space is gradually expanding. Some of the pedestrian streets are the foundation of the city's creativity. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen cultural exchanges so that we can learn from other countries that have succeeded in this sector.

We should explore international cooperation on specific programs, such as co-producing films or art events like the upcoming Black Pink's concert at My Dinh National Stadium. It will become the spotlight and attract the young generation to enjoy and enhance their inherent potential.

What are your views on Hanoi's ambitions for becoming an event city?

I believe this goal is ambitious and requires a lot of effort to achieve. More than a decade ago, Philip Kotler, the world-famous marketer, said that Hanoi should become the kitchen of the world.

It's obvious that Hanoi has many values of traditional culinary heritage. With these values, should Hanoi consider hosting an annual world culinary event? It could be organized as a food promotion event, and once it is effective, it can be held every month. Then, we will choose some typical dishes to be introduced in the Old Town or a food court for both domestic and international visitors, combined with the introduction of handicraft villages and tourism activities. Later, after becoming a large-scale event, it will be a place to share Hanoi's culture with friends around the world, together with the introduction of some typical dishes such as Korea's kimchi, Japan's sushi, and Europe's steak.

This is an important milestone that will enhance the reputation of Vietnamese culinary culture and promote tourism in Hanoi and Vietnam.

Hanoi has also identified conference tourism as a strong focus. The city has hosted the APEC summit and many major political events. In my opinion, there should be more events of Hanoi's own to attract more attention. We have hosted international film festivals in recent years, but we need to step up our efforts to make them more dynamic.

Thank you for sharing!

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