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Great hearts of "blue-shirt volunteers" amid pandemic
The functional forces in the Covid-19 fight have received valuable support from the so-called "blue-shirt volunteers" from the Hanoi Youth Union.

Hanoi has experienced four weeks of social distancing to deter the transmission of the Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions were applied after the capital city detected nearly 40 new Covid-19 cases on July 18.

After the Hanoi People’s Committee asked citizens to stay home and avoid public gatherings of over two people from July 19, life for Hanoians has turned quiet, and also difficult.

Since the new wave began in late April, Hanoi has recorded 2,591 Covid-19 cases. The functional forces have been also struggling to ask people to comply with pandemic prevention regulations. In this endeavor, they have received valuable support from the so-called blue-shirt volunteers from the Hanoi Youth Union.

Secretary of the Youth Union in the outskirt district of Dan Phuong Bui Thai Son said: ''Since social distancing rules have been in place in Hanoi, members of Dan Phuong District Youth Union have been supporting functional forces at all checkpoints in the fight against the pandemic”.

Members of the Youth Union have also run the "Gratitude Meals" campaign. They prepare cakes, tea with milk, porridge to give the functional forces at the checkpoints.

 "Youth Union members are key in many communes. Even though some of them have been quarantined for being exposed to coronavirus carriers, but they immediately return to service once their quarantine period ends," Son said.

Youth Union members of Thuong Mo Commune in Dan Phuong District are preparing dozens of lunches for the people stationed at the checkpoints.

 People in the commune have contributed to a fund to finance the program "Gratitude Meals" for the anti-Covid force.

The Youth Union members are delivering meals to people on duty at a checkpoint.

 The nutritious meals are delivered on time by the blue-shirt volunteers so that the functional forces can be assured to guard the checkpoints.

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