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Gov’t issues action plan to realize Hanoi’s development vision until 2045
Hai Yen 12:25, 2023/02/08
Hanoi should lead the country’s efforts in the quest for prosperity.

The Government has issued an action plan to realize Politburo’s resolution on the objectives for Hanoi’s development until 2030, with a vision to 2045.

 Hanoi from above. Photo: Viet Dung

The action plan is aimed at raising the awareness of the capital’s authorities and citizens on the strategic position of Hanoi as a political and administrative hub of the country.

Under this, Hanoi must remain the growth engine of the Red River Delta, the key economic zone in the north and the country as a whole, according to the plan.

By 2030, it should boast high competitiveness in the region and the world, with a level of development on par with the capitals of developed Asian countries.

The government's action plan set the goal by 2030 for Hanoi to become a "cultural, intellectual and modern" city, serving as the center and engine of the country's growth.

The average annual GRDP growth rate from 2021 to 2025 is expected to be 7.5% - 8.0%, and around 8.0 - 8.5% per year from 2026 to 2030.

This would result in a GRDP per capita of US$8,300 - $8,500 by 2025, and $12,000 - $13,000 by 2030.

The processing and manufacturing industries' weight in GDP should be 17% by 2025 and 20% by 2030, while that of the digital economy will represent 30% by 2025 and 40% by 2030.

Hanoi will strive to increase the share of high-tech agricultural production in the total value of the farming industry to 70% in 2025 and 80% in 2030; average labor productivity is expected to increase by 7.0-7.5% in 2025 and 7.5% in 2030.

In addition, the urbanization rate is set to reach 60-62% by 2025 and 75% by 2030, along with the treatment rate of urban waste at 50-55% by 2025 and 100% by 2030.

By 2045, Hanoi would become a globally-connected city with a high standard of living and quality of life. The GRDP per capita is expected to hit $36,000, with a comprehensive and balanced development of the economy, culture, and society.

Hanoi is expected to have a similar development level compared to the capitals of developed countries in the region and the world.

To realize these ambitious goals, the Government called for Hanoi’s authorities to continue creating consensus among public officials and citizens in realizing resolution No.15.

It stressed the need for Hanoi to maintain sustainable and rapid economic growth, along with economic restructuring and a review of the growth model for better utilization of the resources at its disposal.

Along with economic development, Hanoi should drive strong growth in the cultural industry, especially considering that the capital remains an important center of education, science-technology, and healthcare.

"The authorities must pay great attention to guaranteeing social welfare and raising the standard of living of the population," reads the action plan.

Another priority for Hanoi is to improve the quality of the planning, with emphasis on investment in infrastructure, alongside promoting efficiency in urban management and environmental protection.

Hanoi is expected to take a leading role in global integration and international cooperation to elevate its status on the world stage.

In the long term, Hanoi is responsible for further finalizing the legal framework to meet its development needs in the new phase.

For now, the government urges Hanoi to strengthen economic cooperation with other provinces/cities, especially the Hanoi-Haiphong-Quang Ninh development triangle in all fields.

Hanoi and those in the key economic zone of the North and the Red River Delta should enhance inter-provincial ties to realize their respective potentials for mutual development.

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