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GIZ supports Vietnam’s wastewater management
16:48, 2015/06/16
The Administration of Technical Infrastructure under the Ministry of Construction (MoC) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on June 15 conducted a workshop to disseminate the three legal documents on drainage and sewerage.
The workshop took place within the framework of the Vietnamese-German Wastewater Management Programme (WMP), implemented by GIZ in Vietnam on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
The participants shared lessons and discussed the local regulations on wastewater management, operation and management contracts between the asset owner and the wastewater operator, how wastewater services are priced and collected in their provinces and cities.
"After many years of successful cooperation with the MoC and the provinces, we are very happy to witness and contribute to the significant achievements and development in the wastewater sector in Vietnam. The Decree 80, in particular, was considered as a breakthrough for the wastewater sector" states Dr Dirk Pauschert, Programme Director of the Wastewater Management Programme (WMP).

He further explained that the Decree had introduced modern principles, concepts and important regulations in the wastewater sector such as regulations on the wastewater service price, operation and management of contracts, the connection of households to the wastewater system, preferential investment policies, provincial regulations, reuse of stormwater and treated wastewater, sludge management, and decentralized wastewater treatment.
The encouraging results of the national survey jointly conducted by GIZ and the MoC on the Decree could be seen as an evidence for the expected strong impacts of the Decree in efficient and sustainable development of the wastewater sector in Vietnam, declares Dr Pauschert.
The leadership of wastewater management companies added that the Decree 80 and its two Circulars will help to gradually bridge the financial gap between income raised by the wastewater charge and the costs for operation and maintenance of wastewater infrastructure. 
In Soc Trang for example, the income from wastewater charge collected from the users currently covers only 35% of the total operation and maintenance costs, including the depreciation of mechanical and electronic equipment.
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