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Central Pharmacy - expertise is the key to building trust with customers
The Hanoi Times 17:12, 2022/12/15
The situation of the Covid-19 pandemic is still complicated, health issues are being paid great attention to by people. Therefore, the role of each pharmacy becomes increasingly important.

With constant efforts in the mission of taking care of the community's health, Central Pharmacy has been asserting its position in the pharmaceutical market as one of the leading online pharmacies in terms of product quality and service.

 Central Pharmacy.

What are the benefits of buying drugs online?

The digital age has changed the shopping habits of users. That's why online pharmacies appear more and more. The form of buying medicine online is fast becoming a favorable solution for many people because of its speed and convenience:

- Save time: Customers do not have to go to the place to buy medicine, but only need a few minutes to access the website to be able to order products. Especially in the current epidemic situation, the gathering of people should be minimized, avoiding direct contact to help ensure the safety of each person and the community.

- Flexible time: You can order products at any time of the day. Just press the order, pharmacy staff will contact you directly and deliver the medicine to your place as soon as possible.  

- Free consultation pharmacy staff: Online pharmacies have a team of consultants ready to answer customers' questions completely free of charge. This is difficult for offline pharmacies to implement because the human resources are not enough to answer all questions from patients.

- Secure payment: A secure form of payment helps customers feel secure when purchasing and eliminates guilt when buying products to treat difficult diseases.

However, in addition to the advantages that online pharmacies bring, many people still wonder and hesitate to think whether buying drugs online is safe or not. Because currently on the market, many poor quality products are widely sold, and many online pharmacies with virtual business addresses make people not know which reputable pharmacy to put their trust in. To solve customers' worries, Central Pharmacy applies an online business model in combination with an offline pharmacy chain, this model is growing strongly and is an inevitable trend in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Central Pharmacy Central Pharmacy-Get professional quality to build trust with customers

 Central Pharmacy Central Pharmacy - takes quality expertise to build trust with customers.

To build a system of online pharmacies combined with offline, the professional quality and service of the pharmacy must meet the rigor of the market as well as the requirements of customers. Understanding this, in the process of formation and development, Central Pharmacy has always focused on improving the professional quality of pharmacy staff. Professional quality is reflected in the rigor of the recruitment process and the operation process. The pharmacy regularly organizes intensive training sessions on product knowledge, pathology, and counseling skills so that staff can advise patients accurately and most effectively. With the working motto, patient's health is the core value for all activities, and the customer's trust and satisfaction are the measures of success.

 Choose reputable pharmacies when buying drugs online.

Currently, the online and offline sales system of Central Pharmacy (website: trungtamthuoc.com) is distributing thousands of health care and beauty products from many famous domestic and foreign brands. Not only does it stop at providing quality products to patients, but the pharmacy also focuses on increasing the customer experience, thanks to the convenience associated with incentive programs, accumulating for each order. Besides, as a leading unit in the field of health care, Central Pharmacy always focuses on and complies with the provisions of the law. The pharmacy has a full license to certify that it is eligible for pharmacy business and meets GPP standards from the Ministry of Health. The products distributed by Central Pharmacy are of clear origin with full legal documents by current laws. 

With a constant effort for public health, from the focus on product quality, service, and the pharmacy's reputation built for many years to the present, Central Pharmacy is the place to go. only familiar and reliable with a large number of customers nationwide. 


Address: No. 8, lane 116 Nhan Hoa, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Hotline: 1900 888 633 - Website: https://trungtamthuoc.com

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/trungtamthuoc 

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/trungtamthuoc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trungtamthuoc

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