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Brilliant Hanoi streets in Ban Flower season
Jenna Duong - Huy Pham 22:44, 2024/04/02
Visitors to Hanoi these days would have a great chance to enjoy a peaceful and fresh atmosphere while strolling along the Hanoi streets where Ban Flowers are in full bloom.

Originating from the northwestern mountainous region, Ban Flower or Bauhinia Variegate is widely planted in Hanoi. Ban flowers are often poetic inspiration in allusion to the charm and beauty of Thai and Tay women, the inhabitants who are living in the north-west mountainous region of Vietnam.

During the flower's full bloom, usually in late March and early April, visitors to Hanoi will be astonished by its simple yet enchanting beauty.

 These days, the streets of Thanh Nien, Hoang Dieu, Dien Bien Phu and Bac Son are graced with the purple color of the flowers, making them ideal destinations for taking beautiful snapshots.
There is a beauty of its own in Hanoi's Bauhinia variegate.
The pure purple flowers bring out the nostalgic beauty of old houses and relics. They capture the heart of every passerby.
 During the flowering season, most of the old leaves fall off, leaving the Ban tree with many charming flowers.
The Ban Flower season in Hanoi lasts about a month, from late March to early April.
 Each of these scentless flowers consists of four to five petals, pink pistil and purple veins.
 A Ban tree is two to six meters tall with rough, grey bark and many long branches. 
Ban flowers are grown in many different places, but the best places to go are Bac Son Street and surrounding areas in downtown Hanoi, and Cau Giay Park.
Bac Son Street attracts many young people who come to admire the beauty of the flowers and take pictures.
The flower and a girl all show their beauty on the streets of Hanoi.
When the warm summer sun begins to shine, it is time for fresh flowers to bloom in a corner of Cau Giay Park in Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District.
 The gorgeous flowers adorn the space of the park.
 The flowers make the scenery here more poetic.
 For those who have heard of this fantastic gentle purple flower, let visit Hanoi in April to see it with your own eyes.
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Brilliant Hanoi streets in Ban Flower season
Visitors to Hanoi these days would have a great chance to enjoy a peaceful and fresh atmosphere while strolling along the Hanoi streets where Ban Flowers are in full bloom.
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