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Belgian hip-hop group set to wow audiences in Vietnam
Jenna Duong 21:57, 2024/06/05
The innovative hip-hop dance that "breaks the traditional norms of dance culture" will be performed in Vietnam at the upcoming Hue Festival 2024.

The famous hip-hop dance group Double Impro from Wallonia, Belgium, will give four performances, one in Hanoi and the rest in the Imperial Citadel of Hue.

 Four members of the Belgian hip-hop dance group Double Impro. Photo: Double Impro

In Hanoi, the dancers will perform with invited dancers from the Flame, Sine and B.Nashor hip-hop groups at the Youth Theater on June 23.

In Hue City, the Belgian breakdance group will perform at the opening ceremony of Hue Festival 2024, scheduled for June 7 at Kien Trung Palace. Two other performances will take place at Quoc Hoc Square on June 9 and 10.

According to the international press, the Double Impro, with its improvisation between artists and audience, reflects artistic innovation and breaks the traditional norms of hip-hop dance culture.

Founded in 2020, the Double Impro consists of four members, including Adi Mino, Fugu, Maway, and Bounoux. The dance group is a testament to the concept that "dance can be shared". In particular, "sharing" and "exchange" between the dancers and the audience are two elements that run through all of their performances.

 The idea of Double Impro hip-hop dance initiated by the breakdance group involves dancers freestyling in unison with randomly selected duos.

At the Hanoi and Hue Festival 2024 performances, the Double Impro appears with the "Dialogue" performance, in which the artists seem to meet for the first time in their lives. They share their stories and experiences with dance and movement, creating a friendly conversation between dancer and dancer, and then between dancer and audience.

Adi Mino is considered the "soul" of the dance group. He's been a hip-hop dancer since 2012 and is invested in hip-hop culture, especially breaking. He travels around the world, following professional classes and entering some famous stages in the United States, Europe, Canada, and others.

Fugu is a hip-hop and experimental dancer, choreographer, and director of Double Impro Cie in Belgium. She’s studied all hip-hop styles and has been working for over 20 years with dancers of all cultures and styles in Belgian and international companies. Her hip-hop style is mixed with everything she has learned this year from contemporary to house, floor work, and flying-low with an emphasis on fluidity of movement.

 The skillful dance moves of hip-hop dancer Bboy-Bounoux.

Meanwhile, Maway is an active dancer on the national and international scene, he has been traveling around the world to share his passion with others. Recently, he became interested in the contemporary dance world and joined the "No Way Back" to perform shows in the EU.

The last member of the dance group, Bboy-Bounoux, has been a dancer specializing in breakdancing since 2017. A passionate fan of Hip-Hop culture, he started with a collective called "Namur Break Sensation" aka "NBS", pillars of Hip-Hop culture in Belgium. He is now developing Hip-Hop culture in Belgium by creating a variety of activities around it.

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