Hanoi confirms over 200 Covid-19 patients for seven consecutive days
Hanoi's coronavirus situation is alarming with an upward trend of new infections. A sharp increase is predicted during the Tet holiday.
20:33, 2021/33/16
Vietnam car sales rises 21% in two-month period
The sale figure in February, however, was on the decline for two consecutive months with a contraction of 22% against the previous month to 13,585 units.
17:48, 2021/48/04
Vietnam tax revenue down 1.4% in two-month period
The fact that nearly 19,800 enterprises temporarily suspended operation in the first two months of 2021, up 60.5% year-on-year, has also contributed to a decline in tax revenue.
16:44, 2021/44/01
Local businesses face risks of disruption under Covid-19 outbreak
Many businesses are in shortage of workforce after a long-break Tet holiday, as travel remains restricted between different localities.
14:42, 2021/42/18
Vietnam trade turnover hits US$1.67 billion during week-long Tet holiday
Vietnam exported products and goods to over 80 markets in Tet holiday, with China being the largest buyer by spending US$189 million on Vietnamese commodities, or 26% of total exports.
11:50, 2021/50/18
Hanoi tests all returnees from Covid-19 hotspot of Hai Duong
The city will screen people coming from the province’s Cam Giang district since February 2, then taking samples for all other cases from Hai Duong and 11 high risk provinces and cities.
09:36, 2021/36/18
Stock market set to boom after week-long Tet holiday
Investors are more well-prepared in terms of financial capabilities, knowledge and understanding of risks in the stock market.
17:58, 2021/58/17
Covid-19 wreaks havoc on Hanoi’s tourism in Tet holiday
The city’s tourist sites and monuments have strictly obeyed the regulations on prevention and control of Covid-19.
15:42, 2021/42/17
First trading sessions after Tet ends on high note
Strong attention from investors helped boost banks stocks’ value, but those of petroleum companies were the highlight of this morning trading session with many reached the ceiling, namely PVB, PVC, PVD, PVS, PVT, or PXS.
13:30, 2021/30/14
Hanoi requires health declaration after Tet holiday
Health declaration is one of key measures in Vietnam’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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