Trivial jobs of Hanoi
Unusual works in the capital city not only bring earnings to industrious workers but also portray a special part of Hanoi.
16:58, 2021/58/09
Hanoi streets turn verdant thanks to numerous trees
The tree-growing program has made Hanoi greener and fresher, contributing to shading the streets and curbing the harmful effects of radiation on people.
11:25, 2021/25/08
Enduring love to Hanoi’s sketching
Sketching images of Hanoi is both love and responsibility that members of the Urban Sketchers Hanoi devote to their homeland.
07:57, 2021/57/15
Thuy Khue - The street where part of Hanoi’s history is told
With ancient marks remaining for hundreds of years, Thuy Khue street is considered as a special road where tells the history of the millennial capital city and traditional crafts.
09:50, 2021/50/09
Thuoc Bac - a street with diverse colors of old Hanoi
Thuoc Bac Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is an interesting place which maintains various beauties of old Hanoi.
12:38, 2020/38/18
Snapshots of trams reminisce about old Hanoi
The trams have been an inseparable part of the city’s landscape for more than two thirds of a century.