Voters hold high hope for Hanoi’s breakthroughs in upcoming development phase
Voters in Hanoi expect the city’s new administration to work on a range of issues, from training human resources to infrastructure and rural development.
11:27, 2021/27/23
Hanoi People’s Council term 2021-2026 convenes first session
At the first session of the municipal People’s Council, the delegates will vote for key positions of the municipal administration.
14:47, 2021/47/28
Hanoi announces final candidates to represent locals in next 5 years
Some 160 candidates will vie for 95 seats in the municipal People’s Council at all levels.
11:32, 2020/32/25
Vietnam’s National Assembly approves Hanoi People's Council Chairman
The new chairman of the Hanoi People’s Council began spent years in civil engineering before beginning his political career in 2010.
16:42, 2020/42/09
Hanoi has new People’s Council chairman
Mr. Tuan spent years in civil engineering and began his political career in 2010.
15:07, 2020/07/08
Hanoi discusses 13 illegal sand mining spots
Hanoi police is committed to putting an end to all illegal sand mines in the city's rivers.
11:26, 2020/26/08
Hanoi to mobilize $138 billion to aid development process
Hanoi aims to develop rapidly and sustainably towards a green, smart, modern city with high competitiveness in the country by 2025.
12:12, 2020/12/07
Hanoi to elect high-profile personnel at three-day meeting
Chairperson and deputy chairmen will be elected for the 2016-2021 term.
16:54, 2020/54/02
Hanoi approves 12 public investment projects worth US$167 million
Hanoi People’s Committee would create favorable conditions for project owners to complete projects with quality and on time.