Robust economic pickup to drive stronger credit growth in 2021
Real estate sales will be another key driver of credit growth, as apartment supply and sales are likely to pick up in 2021.
10:31, 2021/31/12
Vietnam budget deficit forecast at 3.6% of GDP in 2021
Fitch Solutions holds a more optimistic view on Vietnam’s economic rebound in 2021, with its real GDP growth forecast at 8.6%, against the government’s 6.5% target.
05:47, 2020/47/04
Vietnam emerged among world’s largest market for wind power development
Across the first half of 2020, the government approved an additional 91 wind energy projects, onshore and offshore, with a total capacity of over 7GW.
14:09, 2020/09/30
Vietnam renewables set for robust expansion: Fitch Solutions
Vietnam is set to face a surge in power demand and consumption over the coming decade, which is likely to outpace capacity growth in the near term, stated Fitch Solutions.
09:39, 2020/39/27
Fitch Solutions revises down Vietnam fiscal deficit to 3.6% of GDP
The economy is likely to stage a stronger recovery in Q4 this year, versus 2.6% y-o-y real GDP growth in Q3.
14:25, 2020/25/13
Stable outlook expected for Vietnamese dong
While Vietnam is at risk of being listed as currency manipulator by the US, such a risk appears low, as the US will likely continue to reduce its dependence on Chinese exports by reorganizing its supply chain with other partners.
10:02, 2020/02/06
Vietnam inflationary pressures predicted to remain weak in 2020 – 2021
Vietnam’s inflation is set to remain below the government’s 4% threshold for most of the year with its average forecast at 3.5%. This should see the central bank keep lending conditions accommodative into 2021.
11:06, 2020/06/01
Fitch Solutions cuts Vietnam’s 2020 growth forecast to 2.6% from 3.0%
Fitch Solutions maintains forecast for an 8.2% rebound in 2021, assuming freer international movement of persons.
07:54, 2020/54/14
Vietnam natural gas consumption forecast to more than double over next decade
US firms are spearheading the developments of 12 out of the 22 LNG-to-power projects in the pipeline worth a combined US$35.9 billion.
11:05, 2020/05/03
Vietnam seafood perfectly well placed to benefit from EVFTA
The fact that Vietnam is already a top trade partner with the EU despite not having an FTA in place highlights the opportunities that the EVFTA will create for Vietnamese seafood producers.
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