New unique Banh Chung attracts diners
The new delicious creations of Banh Chung or Vietnamese traditional cake for Tet has won the hearts of culinary connoisseurs.
13:47, 2021/47/29
Trang Cat Village of Dong Leaf bustling at the end of the year
Being used to wrap Banh Chung (sticky rice cake for Tet), Dong leaves from Trang Cat village is the pride of the villagers that have been offered to other localities and countries.
11:06, 2020/06/27
Vietnam: Asia’s new leading culinary destination
From simple home cooking to addictive street eats to modern Vietnamese, the delicious diversity of this country’s culinary scene is attracting foodies from all over the world.
11:40, 2020/40/23
Life gets back to normal in Dong Tam after deadly clash
Joyful mood is back at Dong Tam village in anticipation of the Lunar New Year festival.