31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi hosts fair for safe farm produce
The fair will run until May 2 at Melinh Plaza shopping mall, Ha Dong District.
14:26, 2021/26/29
Hanoi focuses on building brands for Vietnamese agricultural products
The city has built more than 40 collective trademarks for farm produce.
17:36, 2021/36/25
Hanoi prioritizes technology-based vegetable production
Gardeners will receive support in quality varieties, packaging, and product labels to promote clean vegetable production.
16:38, 2021/38/04
Supply chain helps stabilize agricultural production in Hanoi
The supply chains have ensured the quality of agricultural products to consumers in Hanoi amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
12:16, 2021/16/05
Hanoi to organize 2nd OCOP livestream sale festival
The event will be broadcast live from 9am to 12pm on July 10, on two channels of OCOP Live and VTC Now.
15:48, 2021/48/07
E-commerce brings Vietnamese agricultural products to global market
Many Vietnamese small and medium enterprises are using e-commerce platforms to seek outlet for their products.
11:00, 2021/00/06
Initiatives to boost sales of Vietnamese agricultural products
Local agricultural production areas are urged to promote the building of new-style cooperatives to be better positioned in the market.
20:53, 2021/53/25
Deputy PM instructs measure to boost consumption of farm produce amid Covid-19
It is important to avoid stagnation during the transportation process of input materials for production and of agricultural products in Covid-19-hit-areas, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has said.
10:22, 2021/22/09
Localities urged to promote sale of farm produce
Local governments will take measures to boost the consumption process of agricultural products for the Tet holiday in Covid-19-hit areas.
08:19, 2020/19/04
Hanoi supports 900 firms in tracing origin of agricultural products
100% of products from 141 production and distribution chains of agro-forestry-fishery products in Hanoi, as well as 80.5% of fruit stores, are using QR code for origins tracing.
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