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Hanoi Bars: Fantastic nightlife that can’t be passed over
Ha Phuong 19:31, 2017/05/09
Tadioto, +84, Mojito… the most popular destinations for young people and foreigners, to enjoy music and different types of drinks.
Tadioto bar.
Tadioto bar.
There isn’t a space in Hanoi that couldn’t learn a thing or two from Nguyen Quy Duc and his infallible Tadioto. The art is mesmerizing and frequently rotated. The drinks are delicious and beautifully presented. The seating is extraordinarily comfortable and intimately positioned. The lighting has been imaginatively designed and thoughtfully placed. And Hanoi’s finest playlist is, for once, played at just the right volume.
Mr. Duc has been a spectacular force in Hanoi’s contemporary art scene and a discerning social commentator for years, and he shows no indication of slowing down. Be sure to take a look around and make what you will of the unusual pieces that adorn the cafe-cum-bar, some of which may push social and even political boundaries, albeit delicately.
The name itself is Vietnamese for ‘let’s take the car’, a subtle jab at Hanoi’s car crazy inhabitants that clog Hanoi’s unprepared infrastructure with these mobile monsters.
Ke Bar
Ke Bar.
Ke Bar.
Ke Bar’s specialty is the Vietnamese rượu thuốc, the local liquor made from natural ingredients including either herbs, fruits or animals, mixed with distilled white wine.
There is an impressive menu of more than 20 types of fruit wines, from mulberry, mandarin, plum, mango, citrus, peach, beeswax to the more unheard-of choices such as Buddha’s hand or docynia.
Also try the Vietnamese dishes from a terrace with a view of the West Lake. Ke is open from 8.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.
Mojito bar.
Mojito bar.
Mojito is the housed in a previously French building. Mojito has been redecorated a few times over, and each time, the ghost of its old cell seems to stick around a little bit here and there on the wall. Its frequent visitors are expats who have been living in Hanoi for a long time, many coming every weekend to seek the drops of Hanoi in Mojito’s signature cocktail menu.
Cocktail phở  is that weird creature that could never fail in sweeping out the chambers of your heart. It is the impressive brainchild of Pham Tien Tiep, the skillful and passionate bartender who won the Diageo reserve world class of Vietnam in 2012. If you are fond of watching how he creates this cocktail, just simply type Phở cocktail on Youtube and see amazing videos taking the platform by storm.
The secret ingredients behind his signature cocktail is the eclectic mixture of pho's abundant spices: star anise, cinnamon, cao guo, coriander, chili… There is live music and DJs every weekend from 9 p.m. Mojito is open from 4 p.m. until midnight every day.
+84 bar
+84 bar.
+84 bar.
At +84 bar, the open courtyard is turned into seats to help customers to mix themselves with nature. Inside the bar there are many tables for couples or groups of four and especially two wine rooms with premium brands. There are two floors, the second almost sequestered from the rest with sets of vintage furniture all collectible, Godfather-inspired; a charming balcony looking down the tranquil street.
The bar’s manager, Giang Trang, is also seen as part of the soul of +84. The bar serves customers with music of Trinh Cong Son, jazz and rock and roll.. +84 has its own cocktail menu beside classic choices and whiskey ranges, with a few heads imported from Sicily.
It is located at 23 Ngo Van So Street. +84 is open from 9 a.m. until 12.30 a.m. Friday from 7 p.m. is almost always packed.
Polite Pub
Polite Pub.
Polite Pub.
Polite Pub is one of Hanoi's legendary expat bars of the 1990s and 2000s, has had a complete facelift. A once cheap and cheerful venue of sports-mad expats, in the heart of the Old Quarter, Polite Bar has morphed into a cosy little cocktail bar with a new following of dressed-up locals, expats and visitors.
Into Polite Pub, it's well positioned in the center of Bao Khanh Str.. On first impressions it may not stand out, but the little touches here and there keep me coming back. A selective music, candles on quiet nights, peanuts, pool table, friendly staff, cosy lighting, a mix of interesting patrons including the less rowdy, a few expats and local Vietnamese.
The Doors
The Doors.
The Doors.
Located at the Old Quater of Hanoi Capitol, inspired by legend American rock music band the Doors, The Doors cafe-pub brings you a nice place for meet friend, working, chatting, drop by, relax, or just fun in day; and exciting place for nightlife as concert venue especially blues and rock 'n roll, DJ, film screening at night.
You are the youngster  who need space with exciting, you are the freelancer who need inspiring space for working, you are a group in need of a place for party, you are a rock-music-mania who need live concert, you are the tourist by place to drop by, or simply you only need a place for fun, please come and join The Doors. And remember that "People are strange when you're a stranger" as Jim Morrison lyrics, so please don't be a stranger.
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