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ASEAN steps up fight against Covid-19 threats
Linh Pham 10:20, 2020/02/24
The bloc will enhance responsiveness to act promptly through multisectoral and whole of ASEAN Community engagement.

The bloc of 10 ASEAN members has reached a consensus on combating the threat of the Covid-19 epidemic, according to a press statement by the Chairman of the ASEAN Coordinating Council (ACC).

 ASEAN will emphasize responsibility of governments in fights against the epidemic. Photo: MOFA

They agreed to promote ASEAN’s cohesiveness through joint actions of mutual assistance, including sharing transparent information, experience and best practices, building capacity in the prevention, detection, research and treatment of the Covid-19 and other emerging infectious diseases.

It focuses on enhancing ASEAN’s responsiveness to act promptly and effectively in the control of the disease through promoting multi-sectoral and whole of ASEAN Community engagement, building upon existing efforts by the ASEAN health sector.

They will intensify efforts to promote correct public awareness about the Covid-19 situation.

They call on ASEAN Member States’ governments and relevant agencies to duly inform the public on the real-time situation, act responsibly and decisively to stop the spread of disinformation and misinformation.

Accordingly, they emphasize the high responsibility of Governments in ensuring the accuracy of the information shared with their peoples and to the other Member States in the ASEAN Community on the actual situation in each country and measures undertaken.

In addition, the ministers stressed the resolve of ASEAN Member States to prevent the impacts of the disease from affecting the overall ASEAN Community building process and the normal functioning of ASEAN.

The ministers noted the outcome of the Special Video Conference of ASEAN Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Network with China on February 20, 2020, which will further contribute to ASEAN-China’s collective efforts and coordination in addressing the outbreak of the Covid-19.

Notably, the ministers further reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining ASEAN’s open economic and integration policies, fostering regional resilience, while standing ready to explore cooperation with ASEAN’s external partners and the international community to enhance readiness and response measures to mitigate and eliminate the impacts of the Covid-19.

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