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Online exhibition showcases Uncle Ho's belongings
Jenna Duong 21:01, 2021/06/07
The 3D online exhibition will help visitors better understand the simple lifestyle and revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh.

President Ho Chi Minh was renowned for his simple tyle of living. The image of the former president in his khaki suit, wearing a pair of rubber sandals and holding a palm-leaf fan is so familiar to many Vietnamese generations.

President Ho Chi Minh was in his simple faded khaki clothing. File Photo

Vu Ky, the former secretary of Uncle Ho recounted that there were nights when the light was out, the radio could still be heard from his room. Ky thought Uncle Ho had fallen asleep so he entered on tiptoe to turn the radio off. The president stopped him and said “Leave the radio on so that the room will be warmer with human voices…”

The artifacts that associated with President Ho Chi Minh's simple lifestyle such as the rubber sandals he used to wear, his simple kakhi outfit and old radio, among others will be displayed at a thematic exhibition entitled Nguoi Di Tim Hinh Cua Nuoc (President Ho Chi Minh - the Person Who Brought Back Freedom to the Country).

The 3D exhibition themed President Ho Chi Minh’s life and revolutionary career is jointly held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam and the Party Central Committee's Office at http://www.vptw.dcs.vn and http://www.baotanghochiminh.

The online exhibition will last until October 28.

The faded kakhi suit, a simple hat and pair of the rustic rubber sandals were the daily outfit of President Ho Chi Minh. Photo: Ho Chi Minh Museum

According to Director of the Ho Chi Minh Museum Vu Manh Ha, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition which is held to celebrate 110th anniversary Nguyen Ai Quoc’s departure to find a way of national salvation (June 5, 1911 – June 5, 2021) could not be held physically. The museum invited viewers who are interested in the exhibition’s theme to visit the websites of the Party Central Committee's Office and the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

The exhibition features eight parts including “Cultivating the Will (1890-1911); “Crossing the Ocean to Find National Salvation (1911-1920)”; “Finding the Light (1920-1924)”; “Igniting  the Revolutionary Flame (1924-1930); “Historical Turning Point (1930-1941); “The one who Brought Back Spring” (1941-1945); “Our Faith on President Ho Chi Minh” (1945-1969) and “Continuing to Write the Golden History Page” (1969 - now).

The highlights of the online exhibition are also a bowl that was used by him during his stay at Nong Ky Chan’s house in Guang Dong, China in 1939; a bronze pot and timepiece that were used by Uncle Ho, under the name of Nguyen Ai Quoc, during his stay in Liuzhou, China from 1943 -1944 and his faded khaki clothing. 

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