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Linh Pham 20:41, 2021/10/10

An online exhibition is being opened to display Hanoi's efforts to adapt to the new normal with its strengths and resilience. The Hanoi Times is honored to introduce the exhibition that was held by the Economics & Urban Newspaper in partnership with the Hanoi Club of Senior Photographers.

Hanoi underwent months of restrictions when the Covid-19 pandemic attacked the city in summer 2021. The moments that residents went through were tough and stressful, however, relentless efforts of people as a whole, mostly frontline forces, drove the city through the hardship.

In such a difficult time, local people, in their ways, contributed to the common fight against the pandemic by joining the mission, doing charity, or merely following the precautionary measures.

All the efforts that they made have enabled Hanoi to gain renewed vitality to return to its stature as a city rich in culture and unique by its century-old quintessence.


Covid-19 paralyzed Hanoi for two months and it required Hanoians’ unity more than ever to return their hometown to the old hustle and bustle. Their joint efforts seem like strengths to drive the city through difficulties.


Unlike distressful ambiance commonly experienced in some pandemic-stricken towns, Hanoi while being hit hard by the pandemic, seemed to better endure the pain thanks to such battle-forged strengths.


For people who favor the beauty of quietness, Hanoi, beyond first impressions of dynamism, has surprisingly tucked down every alleyway and few people can ignore the beauty of the thousand-year-old city.

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