Hanoi: A bond between Vietnam and France
Hanoi has served as a hub for cultural exchange and collaboration between Vietnam and France from the past to the present. Today, it takes the lead in shaping the bilateral future by spearheading initiatives to strengthen local ties.
07:51, 2023/04/15
Motivation to boost national reading culture
Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day is a big event for book lovers and boosts national reading culture.
15:05, 2023/04/02
In a stream of memories, music lovers pay tribute to composer Trinh Cong Son
Trinh Cong Son is one of the greatest composers of Vietnamese music, having produced over 600 musical works throughout his 62-year existence. His music has been extremely well-liked by people of several generations for decades.
07:10, 2022/10/01
Hanoian specialities for Fall
Autumn is the perfect time for both locals and visitors to wonder around and explore Hanoi’s famous specialties
07:52, 2023/04/29
Believing in yourself: Decisive factor for youths to advance gender equality
Gender equality is respecting people's differences, so that each gender can fully promote its needs and strengths.
12:17, 2023/04/19
Hanoi’s old villa restoration: For the past and future
The restoration of old villas shows Hanoi’s strong determination to preserve and create its own identity. This not only honors the past but also keeps the values for future generations.
16:15, 2023/04/13
Hanoi among top three for trade turnover in Q1/2023
Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh, and Hanoi were the country's leaders in trade turnover in the first three months of this year.
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