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Japan Foundation launches Teru Teru Bouzu Making Contest
Jenna Duong 15:04, 2021/08/28
Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam organizes the online contest entitled ‘Teru Teru Bouzu - Shine through the Covid Storm’ to bring joy to people who are confined at home to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic.

People of all ages and nationalities are invited to attend the Teru Teri Bouzu doll-making contest and get a chance to win various interesting gifts from the organizer.

The interesting contest of making Teru Booze Bouzu dolls will last until October 3. Photo courtesy of The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

The event is scheduled to take place online on the contest’s webpage from August 27 to October 3. The contest registration is available at https://forms.gle/aaCBn15oS3Y9eM1t5.
The results will be announced within one week after the contest closes.

Participants in the contests will make the Teru Booze Bouzu according to instructed video or create their own dolls; take photos or make a video recording of the doll-making process, and upload the photo or clip to the event page with a description and the hashtag #jfteruteru. Descriptions may include explanations about the materials, the ideas, or positive wishes, among others.

Teru Booze Bouzu is a small traditional handmade doll from white paper or cloth that Japanese farmers hang outside their window with a string. This talisman is supposed to have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day. Thus, some of them are usually hung on the balcony or window during the rainy season.

The gray sky and the sound of the rain sometimes make people sorrow, so in Japanese custom, people make this little doll with a wish in their heart: “Tomorrow the sun will shine bright.” 

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