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Israeli electro-pop band to rock Hanoi this June
Cam Anh 16:56, 2023/05/25
A couple of artists from Israel are about to bring their show to Hanoi for the next month.

A couple of artists from Israel, namely Guitarist Anton Dmitriev and Julia Garnets, will perform in Vietnam for the first time on June 3, bringing magnetic energy both on and off stage.  

The duo of musicians is of the electro-pop band "Ice Hokku", regularly selling out concerts in Tel Aviv. Their performance in Vietnam will follow the European tour.

"Ice Hokku is the perfect expression of Israeli culture and attitude. They bring the local sounds of our region but add a touch of innovation to the mix. Using a looper and technology, they introduce a new sound that I am sure the young Vietnamese audience will love as much as they do in Israel," said the cultural attaché of the Israeli embassy about the upcoming show of an Israeli couple.

 Guitarist Anton Dmitriev and singer Julia Garnits in a performance. Photo: Israeli Embassy to Vietnam

"When invited to Vietnam, we didn't think twice about it. We were just in love with the idea of coming to Vietnam, like so many other Israelis," Anton Dmitriev shared.

The duo is originally from Israel, with a very well-developed music scene. Anton Dmitriev said: "Especially in Tel Aviv, you can enjoy music every night. For good reason, it is called "the city that never sleeps". From 7pm to 7am on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you can enjoy non-stop live music: DJ sets, live indie shows, and concerts of all genres.

"While the larger venues showcase mainstream Israeli artists, a lot of music is independent and has a lot of collaborations," said Garnits. The indie music scene in Tel Aviv, or 'underground' as it is known locally, is at a very high level. Israel is such a small country, yet there are many talented musicians.

This time, there is a lot of excitement about their arrival in Hanoi for an open-air live concert.

Founded in 2016, Ice Hokku grew up listening to Western music and was inspired by the authenticity of Israel and the Middle East. The band's name is a play on words, a playful blend of Japanese poetry, Hokku, and ice hockey. Ice Hokku are Israeli live-looping artists with an electronic-acoustic sound. The mix of guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, and vocal layers creates a unique musical experience. The duo's music is mostly pop songs in English and Hebrew with powerful, creative vocals.

The duo has released their debut live album, Fikus 2, two EPs, three singles, four clips, and five live sessions. They played about 150 sold-out shows in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and many other cities in Israel. In 2022 Ice Hokku participated in the international Israel Music Showcase Festival. Last year they were on tour in Europe with stops in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Kazakhstan, and other cities.

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