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Health sector created a great opportunity to develop vaccine industry
Thu Minh 03:01, 2015/06/24
The Ministry of Health held a ceremony in Hanoi on June 22 to receive the certification of the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognizing Vietnam’s national vaccine management system that meets international regulation standards.
Vietnam has become the 39th member of the WHO to have a national vaccine management system recognised as meeting international standards.
Speaking at the granting ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said Vietnam is honoured to receive the certification, which is a result of constant efforts by local health workers and scientists in the past 14 years.
Ensuring sufficient provision of vaccines for the national expanded programme on immunisation and joining relevant global activities are important to Vietnam with its population of over 90 million. 

Illustrative image
Illustrative image
The Deputy PM described the reception of the WHO certification as a significant initial step for the health sector, though more efforts are needed to implement scientific research on healthcare and vaccinations, build policies to draw investment capital and promote large-scale vaccine production in domestic and global markets. 
Addressing the event, Director of Pharmaceutical Management Department Truong Quoc Cuong said that the health sector has a great opportunity to develop the vaccine industry. Vietnam locally produces 10 out of the 12 vaccines used in the national vaccination programme, which provides vaccinations for 1.7 million newborns annually. Instead of serving in the domestic market, vaccine manufacturers in the country have the opportunity to improve vaccine production for exports.
He added that the Health Ministry will accelerate the research of the most modern vaccines, including the  "5 in 1" and "6 in 1" vaccines.
The ministry also targets by 2020, Vietnam will have at least 7 vaccines meeting the requirements of the National Immunization Program in order to replace imported vaccines and will be exported to other countries, he said.
Director Truong Quoc Cuong told that the Health Ministry is aiming at exporting firstly to Asian nations, striving to export the entire 10 Vietnamese vaccines.
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