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Hanoi strives to ensure smooth high school exams
Anh Kiet 13:48, 2024/05/01
Hanoi has launched a program to help 12th graders study for the high school graduation exam in 2024.

Hanoi has been working hard to ensure that the 2024 high school graduation exams go off without a hitch on June 27-28, as planned by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

According to Tran The Cuong, Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Hanoi has been historically the locality with the highest number of candidates for the high school graduation exam in the country, accounting for 10% of the total nationwide.

The director pointed out that in 2023, the city had about 100,000 candidates taking the exam in nearly 5,000 exam rooms at 201 exam sites across the city. Also last year, Hanoi mobilized some 20,000 education officials and teachers to work as test administrators and examiners, more than 500 inspectors, and 1,000 police and soldiers to ensure the safety of the exams. They were joined by health workers, civil defense workers, youth volunteers, electricians, and others. 

Director of Hanoi's Department of Education Tran The Cuong (in blue shirt) inspected the 2023 exam site at Tran Phu High School in Hanoi's Hoan Kiem District. Photo: Nam Du/The Hanoi Times

"In 2024, the number of candidates taking the high school graduation exam in Hanoi is expected to be the largest ever, with approximately 120,000 students. It is estimated that there will be more than 200 examination sites. With such a large number, Hanoi will certainly mobilize many more officials, exam supervisors, and other forces than last year," Cuong said.

In February and March, Hanoi held pre-examination tests for 12th graders in mathematics, literature, foreign language, natural sciences, and social sciences in preparation for the high school graduation exam in 2024.

"The mock exams are conducted similarly to a real exam. It aims to identify students' weaknesses in each subject and to work out specific solutions to help them. It also helps to adjust teaching and learning methods," the official said.

More than 100,000 candidates sat the pre-examination test in 4,850 test rooms in 273 locations, and some 12,000 teachers were mobilized to supervise the tests. At each survey venue, all activities were conducted methodically and seriously in accordance with the high school graduation exam regulations of the MoET.

"The purpose of the pre-test is to check the facilities, staff, and processes before the final exam. It can be said that this is a highlight of the capital city's education sector, which was appreciated by parents, students and public opinion,” Cuong stressed.

Diversifying forms of exam review and preparation

At the end of March, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training organized a conference to evaluate the 2023 high school graduation exam, attended by nearly 100 managers and representatives of educational institutions in the city.   

Candidates taking the National High School Graduation Examination 2023 at Phu Xuyen A High School in Hanoi. Photo: Linh Anh/The Hanoi Times

To have high results, Hanoi has officially launched a program to help 12th graders study for the 2024 high school graduation exam, which will be broadcast three times a week from April 19 to June 23 on the digital platforms of Hanoi Radio and Television, featuring the best teachers of literature, mathematics, and English from high schools in the city.

In order to ensure quality and progress, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training has selected good teachers in the three subjects of literature, mathematics, and English from high schools in the city. The teachers have helped students to review knowledge via television, which is one of the optimal solutions for 12th graders.

“The Hanoi education sector will prepare the best conditions in terms of both human and material resources to contribute to the successful and safe organization of the 2024 entrance exams,” Director Cuong emphasized.

In 2023, the city’s education and training sector continued to lead the country in the number of outstanding and excellent students. In Hanoi, 99.56% of high school students passed their final exams, the highest in 10 years. In addition, about three-quarters of all public schools in the city met national standards, and Hanoi plans to raise the rate to 80-85% by 2025. Local authorities are pushing ahead with the construction of seven high-quality multi-level schools covering a total area of 5 hectares.

During 2022-2023 academic year, Hanoi students won 141 prizes in national contests, and 12 students won medals in global competitions. Notably, Hanoi had 92 students become members of the Vietnamese Communist Party. The city now eyes further cooperation with developed cities and countries worldwide.

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