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Exhibition on wildlife sends message of environmental protection
Jenna Duong 20:23, 2023/07/13
The exhibition of scientific research illustrations, wildlife paintings, or wildlife conservation graphic novels is relatively unheard of in Vietnam.

Accompanying the important seminars, an exhibition entitled "Into Wildlife" by two Vietnamese artists introduces the genre of art which is well-known internationally, promoting environmental protection.  

 The artworks are on display at the exhibition

The exhibition features approximately 100 works by two artists Dao Van Hoang and Jeet Dzung, who carefully observes the natural beauty while painting precisely and methodically for scientific purposes and tells stories from many different points of view with a powerful, compassionate educational message.

Dao Van Hoang embarked on adventures in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and South America, living in the midst of nature, eating and sleeping in the company of wild animals hidden under branches and roots.  

For him, these long-awaited encounters, depicted in his paintings, are between the artist and the animal as two equals living in a shared environment. There is no relationship of violence or domination between man and animal, and neither side prevails over the other.

Meanwhile, Jeet Dzung describes the journey of discovering and bringing animals back to nature, restoring the inherent freedom of wild animals that humans have taken away.

 The illustrated artwork “Eyes of Thoong Kham” by Jeet Dzung in the book titled Saving H’Non: Chang and the Elephant 

Visitors to the exhibition would be reminded of a magnificent, enigmatic universe that man hasn't yet explored. By contemplating the artworks and learning more about the artists' diaries, viewers will approach wild nature in a closer, more romantic way.

At the same time, viewers will become more aware of the existence and necessity of another profession not well known in Vietnam: wildlife conservation.

The artworks will provide viewers with a new perspective to better understand the approaches or methods used by artists engaged in this subject to produce their works and the differences between traditional painters, scientific illustrators, and comic creators/graphic novelists.

The exhibition is open daily by reservation at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), Quy Nhon City, in the central province of Binh Dinh.

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