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Discovering Hanoi’s sites with a 3D pop-up book
Jenna Duong 14:25, 2021/04/27
“Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years”, the first of a series of 3D books about Hanoi not only provide useful information but also new and vivid visual experiences of landmarks of the capital.

Kim Dong Publishing House has recently published the book “Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years” in the form of 3D pop-up, both in Vietnamese and English.

The book “Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years” in the form of 3D pop-up is available in both Vietnamese and English. Photo: Kim Dong Publishing House. 

With over a thousand years of history, Hanoi has changed a lot. The young generation can today search for the images of old Thang Long - Hanoi through traces of famous historical works that have been associated with the ups and downs of the land.

The iconic images of the heroic and beautiful history of Thang Long - Hanoi will be popped-up in the book, giving readers a new visual experience with Hanoi’s familiar symbols such as the Temple of Literature, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hanoi Flag tower, the image of dragons in Ly Dynasty (1009-1225), Hanoi streets, among others.

The English version of the book is regarded as a special gift for international friends to have more understanding about Hanoi and fall in love with the city’s landscape and people.

The book is the product of the young artists of Cloud Pillow Studio Group and painter Nguyen Khanh Linh from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts who was in charge of 3D designing, sketching and water-coloring.

Pop-up books, also known as 3D rendering books or stereoscopic books, are books that combine cutting, pasting, and folding techniques with paper to create a three-dimensional form that makes illustrations more vividly than a painting or a story that a book could not fully describe.

The new funky book about Hanoi for kids is introduced by Kim Dong Publishing House.

Pop-up books have a quite long history dating back to the thirteenth century. The first pop-up books were not for children but for calculating holy days. Gradually pop-up books became more popular and were used to illustrate anatomy lessons and so on. By the end of the eighteenth century, pop-up books were gradually designed for children.

In Vietnam, pop-up books are still new, although they are loved by local readers, partly because it requires cooperation between writers and artists as well as strict requirements of printing and production.

Thereby, “Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years” is a pride of Kim Dong Publishing House, a stellar cooperative work between writers and young artists to introduce to domestic readers and international friends the capital’s beauty and history.

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