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Chefs united for better cuisine of Hanoi
Minh Vu 09:11, 2022/04/26
The association will expand the network of professional cooks who will be food ambassadors of Hanoi.

A group of more than 40 professional cooks is expected to promote the cuisine of Hanoi following the launch of the Vietnam Chef Association (VICA) Hanoi.

An organization will enable chefs to exchange experience with young cooks, the next ones who are proficient in all aspects of food preparation and particular cuisines, said Pham Ba Ha, head of VICA Hanoi.

The contributions would be great with the name of culinary artists and famous chefs namely Ly Sanh, Nguyen Danh Hinh, and Pham Tuan Hai, whose experience in cooking exceeded more than three decades.

Sharing about the launch of VICA, Masterchef Hai, who is listed among Vietnam’s most famous chefs, said the association which gathers chefs from leading restaurants and hotels in Hanoi is expected to boost the cuisine of Hanoi to a new height that the city’s cooking deserves to. “Nobody else can cook and promote the cuisine of Hanoi, mostly its traditional dishes, other than Hanoi’s chefs themselves,” chef Hai, a member of the Southeast Asian Chefs Association, told The Hanoi Times.

In addition, VICA will also meet the demand for training of young chefs, an issue that is important for the development of cuisine in the city rich in the quintessence of culture, he emphasized. The move is significant for the development of tourism in Hanoi and Vietnam in general in the context that the country is fully open to international visitors since mid-March, 2022, the well-known chef added.

Pham Si Hung, a chef with 22 years of experience, said the launch of VICA, which is licensed by education authorities, is of significance as it helps train the next generations of chefs and provides a shelter for professional cooks to do charity. With the common purpose, many VICA chefs will be dedicated to cooking and charity work, he shared with The Hanoi Times.

 Famous chefs gather at the launch of the Vietnam Chef Association (VICA) Hanoi on April 24, 2022. Photo: Thuong Nguyen
 Some members of VICA Hanoi. Photo: Minh Vu
 Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai.
 Chef Pham Si Hung with fruit carving. Photo: Minh Vu

 Slogan of the association "Taste Vietnam with Us". Photo: Minh Vu
 Rose is made of watermelon. Photo: Minh Vu
 A peacock is made from carrots. Photo: Minh Vu
 A peacook made from papaya. Photo: Minh Vu
 Squirrels made of carrots. Photo: Minh Vu
 A symbol of strengths. Photo: Minh Vu
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Chefs united for better cuisine of Hanoi
The association will expand the network of professional cooks who will be food ambassadors of Hanoi.