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Art exhibition to honor Vietnamese women, the country and love
Jenna Duong 21:27, 2022/03/21
Portraits of strong, dynamic, and kind-hearted Vietnamese women in the past and the present are portrayed by local artists.

The exhibition titled “Women, Country and Love” displaying images of typical Vietnamese women throughout history is underway at Ho Guom Cultural Information Center, Hanoi until April 20.

The space of the exhibition is titled “Women, Country and Love”. Photo: baoquocte.vn

The exhibition features 60 portraits of women depicted by 29 artists, praising the noble sacrifice and faithfulness of Vietnamese women during wartime and their contribution in peacetime.

They are Vietnamese martyrs and heroine such as Two Ladies named Trung (c. 14 – c. 43), Vo Thi Sau (1933 –1952); Madame Nguyen Thi Dinh (1920 -1992), the first female general of the Vietnam People’s Army; Nguyen Thi Binh- the foreign minister of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam at the Paris Conference in 1973, the former Vice President of Vietnam; former Vietnam’s Vice President Truong My Hoa who endured the brutal tortures of the enemy at Con Dao Prison; female lawyer and deputy to the National Assembly Ngo Ba Thanh (1931 - 2004) as well as talented businesswomen and women who have great contributions in social activities, among others.

In addition to the portraits of excellent women, the exhibition also presents paintings about women and the works of female artists expressing their love for the homeland, nation and their family.

The works are created on different materials such as oil on canvas, lacquer, silk, acrylic, fabric scrap, among others.

Chairman of Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee Pham Tuan said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition that the displayed artworks not only showed the talent and enthusiasm of female artists but also recounts stories about ordinary Vietnamese women who devoted themselves to the cause of national struggles for liberation, independence and peace.

This is the second exhibition of the event called “Vietnamese Fine Arts and Cultural Diplomacy” which was jointly organized by the Department of Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee.

The first one titled “Women and Peace” took place in December 2020.

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