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“Zero-dong store on bus” model eases hardship for pandemic-hit workers in Hanoi
Anh Kiet 15:43, 2021/07/27
Workers eligible for the support are those who lost their jobs or have had their work suspended, particularly pregnant and female workers rearing children under six years old.

Hanoi Confederation of Labor on July 26 launched the "zero-dong store on buses" to support workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic at industrial zones and hostels in the city.

The “zero-dong store on bus” model will be implemented for over 10 days now since July 26.

Workers eligible for the support are those who lost their jobs or have had their work suspended, particularly pregnant and female workers rearing children under six years old.

 The first zero-dong store on the bus is distributing necessities to pandemic-hit people. Photo: Thien Tam

The model of “zero-dong store on buses” shows the solidarity among workers in the city, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Confederation of Labor Le Dinh Hung said, adding that his organization will spend over VND4 billion (US$173,695) on essential necessities to support about 20,000 pandemic-hit workers.

Besides, free meals have been delivered to the needy in Hanoi as part of a program launched by the Vietnam Volunteer Centre under the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee and the Vietnam Youth Federation of Hanoi.

The program prepares about 1,000 safe meals a day to deliver to people facing difficulties due to strict social distancing measures, which are currently being applied in Hanoi, said the organizers.

The Vietnam Youth Federation of Hanoi has called for any form of support from donors to the program, thus contributing to assisting Hanoi residents to overcome the pandemic.

Giving hands to coronavirus-hit people with disabilities

 Head of the Vietnam Fatherland Front-Hanoi Nguyen Lan Huong gives support to the Association of the Blind and the City Association of the Disabled. Photo: Oanh Tran

Nguyen Lan Huong, head of the Vietnam Fatherland Front-Hanoi on July 26 presented support of VND250 million (US$10,856) to 200 people with disabilities who have been heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The life of people with disabilities is now harder than ever under social distancing measures, so it is essential to support them so that no one is left behind," Huong said, adding that this is a very timely and practical support amid the severe pandemic.

She believes that with the cooperation and consensus of each citizen, including the people with disabilities in the capital city, Hanoi will succeed in controlling and repelling the Covid-19 pandemic.

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