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Tropical depression grows into storm Etau and heads toward Vietnam
Anh Kiet 15:40, 2020/11/09
Strong wind and rains are expected offshore the coastline from Quang Ngai to Ninh Thuan from November 9 night.

A tropical depression has strengthened into a storm named Etau, the 12th in the East Sea this year, and is heading west towards the south central region of Vietnam, according to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF).

At 7:00am on November 9, the storm’s eye was about 450km off the coast between Binh Dinh and Ninh Thuan provinces, packing wind of up to 75 kilometers per hour (kph), the NCHMF said.

 The predicted path of storm Etau. Photo: NCHMF

It is moving westward at a speed of around 20kph, likely to gain strength on November 9-10 and bring more heavy rains to the region, the center added.

Etau is expected to make landfall on early November 11 over the region between Phu Yen and Ninh Thuan provinces, home to many popular tourist destinations and beaches, before weakening into a tropical depression over eastern Cambodia.

Strong winds and rains are expected offshore the coastline from Quang Ngai to Ninh Thuan from the night of November 9, the center stressed.

Under the effect of Etau and a cold wave, rainfalls of 200 to 400 mm are forecast for cities and provinces from Quang Tri to Khanh Hoa province. Quang Binh province, localities south of Khanh Hoa and the Central Highlands region should expect rainfalls of 100-200mm.

In seas between Quang Ngai and Ninh Thuan provinces, there will be waves of three to five meters height. Flash floods are expected to occur in provinces between Quang Binh and Khanh Hoa and the Central Highlands.

The central region was repeatedly hit by torrential rains, widespread flooding and landslides triggered by four storms in October. At least 235 people have been killed or are missing and almost 390,000 houses were flooded, according to the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority.

Storm Goni, which weakened into a tropical depression last Thursday before making landfall over Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces, also triggered flooding and landslides in Quang Ngai.

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