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The proposal to increase teachers' salary to the highest level
Tuan Minh - Nguyen Mai 08:18, 2017/12/08
Raising teachers` salary, how to assess the feasibility? There should be specific regulations on seniority allowance, class for teachers, that are proposed by experts on the draft law amending and supplementing some articles of the Education Law to improve the legislation.
According to the proposed Education Law Amendment proposed by the Ministry of Education and Training, teachers' salary will be ranked highest in the system of administrative salary scales. Accordingly, the professional salary schedule for staff and public servants will be applied, teachers' salaries can be increased to the equivalent of A3, group 1, coefficient from 6.2 to 8.0.

However, there are still many doubts for feasibility. If the highest increase in the administrative bureaucracy, whether the budget meets the country when there are about 2 million teachers? According to the Principal of Wellsping High School (Hanoi), Mr. Dang Dinh Dai, the salary increase for teachers is necessary, but how much increase? The roadmap increases by the year to calculate carefully. The failure to do so will lose credibility for teachers and the people. "In my opinion, it should be done step by step. Because there are millions of staff, teachers, so where is the fund? Therefore, it is necessary to raise salary for teachers, this is the priority subject needed attention," Dai proposed.

The proposed increase of salary for teachers with the highest salary in the salary scale has been supported by most experts and teachers, this is very good, will create a great motivation for the teacher team. 

Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Huu Do, said that the Resolution of the 2nd plenum of the VIII Congress in 1996, the Resolution of the 8th plenum of the XI Central Committee affirmed that teacher salary must be ranked highest in the scale salary. In 2013, Resolution No. 29-NQ / TW on fundamental and comprehensive reform of education has reiterated this, showing the concern of the Party and State. 

Also related to the salary of teachers, Deputy Director of the Legal Department, Committee for Ethnic Minority, Phan Hong Thuy said that proposed salary increases for teachers is very good, will create a great motivation for teachers. However, the issue is that we need to have a concrete assessment of how feasible it is. Especially in the context of current state budget," Thuy proposed.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do said that this is great concern of teachers, so in the future it will be proposed policies to develop the Law of Teachers.
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