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The Capital to promote the role and position of Thang Long - Hanoi cultural heritages
Tuan Minh 07:35, 2018/01/07
The Hanoi Party Committee has just granted Announcement No. 1113-TB/TU on stating the conclusion of the meeting with typical delegates in preservation and promotion of Thang Long – Hanoi cultural heritages in 2017.
Under the Announcement, towards the target of effectively implementing programs, projects  which specify Program 04 of the Party Committee “Strengthening socio - cultural development, improving the quality of the Capital’s human resource and building elegant and civilized Hanoians for the 2016-2020 period” in association with Resolution of the Party Central Committee’s 9th plenum, all levels, sectors, agencies will synchronously deploy missions, solutions; receive recommendations and assistance of scientists, managers and people in charge of protecting relic sites, national treasures, traditional crafts and intangible cultural heritages, etc.

Several key missions should be focused on, including:
(1) Strengthening communication to raise the awareness of all levels, sectors and local people on their responsibilities for Ha Noi, the country and the future; popularizing the roles, positions, potentials and strength of cultural heritages, especially Thang Long – Ha Noi cultural heritages in the cause of building and developing the capital city.
(2) Strictly implementing Law on Cultural Heritages, international conventions on cultural and natural heritages. Each authority level must figure out preferential policies and mechanisms for preservation of heritages; review and update the situation of relic sites.
(3) All levels and sectors must pay special attention to restoring, preserving and popularizing human values of intangible cultural heritages to various domestic and international audiences.
(4) Better implementing the building and training of skilled officials and staffs in charge of preserving cultural heritages. The cultural sector should research and propose preferential policies for experts, scientists and officials to the capital city; promote the role of Thang Long - Ha Noi Cultural Heritage Association in encouraging people and mobilizing available resources for the preservation task; build healthy, friendly landscape and space.
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