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Ideal locations in Hanoi to celebrate Christmas
Ha An- Duy Khanh 13:33, 2019/12/22
From the beginning of December, Hanoi’s streets are all decorated with Christmas patterns that create a festive environment helping any expats off being homesick in the night of Christmas.

Christmas has taken on significance in the predominantly Buddhist society of Vietnam. These days, some streets in Hanoi are lighted up with colorful bright and vibrant decorations. There are some locations across the city that visitors may immerse in the festivity this December.

1. The St. Joseph's Cathedral


This major House of God and its premises is welcoming visitors in the Christmas days with splendid decorations of brilliant huge pine trees and shimmering lights. The streets around the cathedral offer visitors a culinary heaven with diverse food stalls and restaurants.

2. St Anthony Ham Long Church


The Church is the most beautiful one in Hanoi with a large outdoor space decorated with rope motifs.

The destination is not only a sacred place for prayers but also an instagramable setting during Christmas days.

3. Cua Bac Church


Cua Bac Church is a Roman Catholic church in Hanoi with two sides looking to Phan Dinh Phung and Nguyen Bieu streets. With great architecture, the church seems to be more splendid with meticulous and elaborate decorations.

4. Phung Khoang Church


Located in Phung Khoang village, Tu Liem district, about 10 km from Hoan Kiem Lake, Phung Khoang Church was constructed in 1910, following the French neoclassical architecture. The location is suitable for people who live far from the center to celebrate Christmas.

5. Ha Dong Church


The church is a popular religious place of the local people in Ha Dong district, built-in 1908. This is an enthralling architectural construction situated in the heart of Ha Dong district.

6. Hoan Kiem pedestrian zone


The area has been crowded with the young people since its first launch three years ago. During Christmas time, it is lightened up and more vibrant with several activities.

7. Hang Ma street


Like other festivity times of the year, on this occasion, Hang Ma Street is crowded with busy people and countless items for sale such as pine trees, Santa Claus mascots and many sparkling Christmas decorations. You can come here for a walk or take some souvenirs for friends.

8. Metropole hotel


Metropole Hotel is a the premium hotel in Hanoi. At Christmas, the hotel will be brightly decorated with fanciful lights. People may wander around the area to take photos and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas filled with love and warmth.

9. West Lake Water Park


It’s not weird to visit the water park in Hanoi’s cold weather on Christmas thanks to lots of activities are held during the occasion. People can visit the area where Santa Claus, reindeer, pine trees, gift packs among others are set up or joining in some entertaining games in the park.

10. Shopping malls


During Christmas, trade centers including Vincom Center, Aeon Mall among others are decorated brightly and amazingly with the Christmas theme. These places are suitable for families and children to celebrate Christmas with several services ranging from entertainment, shopping, food, and beverages.

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