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Hanoi: Civilized and elegant standards come into life
Anh Kiet - Hanh Nguyen 16:02, 2020/06/29
Hanoi's codes of conduct have been enthusiastically responded by the local residents, creating a campaign among them on righting the misdeeds and becoming friendlier with guests.

More than three years after Hanoi’s government issued two codes of conduct, conflicts between old and present values in Hanoians’ behavior have gradually been solved, creating a modern profile of the city's citizens.

 Carnival of Hanoi street festival on walking space around Hoan Kiem Lake. Photo: Cong Hung

According to Prof. Le Hong Ly from the Cultural Research Institute, Hanoians in the past were more peaceful and calm. As today’s pace of life is faster and more pressured, Hanoians have become more impatient.

Multidimensional information has a significant impact on local residents’ life. The market economy opens up many opportunities for people, but it takes away their calmness, tranquility, contemplation and reflection.

There was a time when uncivilized actions such as stalking foreigners to sell goods, begging in public places, hustling, throwing rubbish, illegal motor racing, social evils, among others become the focus of criticism and were misunderstood as Hanoians’ nature of conduct.

However, as the Covid-19 pandemic swept through, the favorable evaluations on Hanoi's behavioral culture prevailed, in line with good deeds for charity programs for needy people.

To handle some uncivilized actions, after issuing two codes of conduct, in 2019, Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung signed a directive on promoting cultural lifestyle, order, discipline, urban civilization in the city and the codes of conduct for officials, civil servants and employees in the city’s agencies.

The instruction has been enthusiastically responded by the local residents, creating a campaign among them on righting the misdeeds and becoming friendlier with guests.

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