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Evolution of Hanoi's facelift over the last 20 years
Ha An 15:59, 2020/01/12
Despite dealing with the dense and crowded city and the difficult time to make a living every day, people in Hanoi still love their life and never miss beautiful moments.

Hanoi's beautification over the past two decades was depicted through the pictures of journalist Nguyen Viet Thanh in the exhibition "Hanoi in my eyes."

 A view of the iconic Long Bien bridge

The simple but no less attractive charm of Vietnam's capital city between the years of 2003 and 2019 was recorded through the lens of journalist Nguyen Viet Thanh. His 30 photos of Hanoi are now on exhibition at 146 Giang Vo Street on January 9-13.


The routine of Hanoians itself is a photographic inspiration. It's so diverse, so colorful that the photographer said by just looking through the viewfinder and press the shutter and then a picture is made, painted by the camera with perfect composition and color tones.


"Born and raised in Hanoi, like many other Hanoians, I always have a special affection for every positive change of the city. Every street corner, every tree line has left imprints on my childhood though it was a tough time making a living. The longing for beauty inspires me to find ways to preserve those beautiful moments for my own," Viet Thanh shared.


His photos are mostly natural moments but carry different stories and messages that he wants to deliver to the visitors.


He took photos daily to preserve the snapshots of scenes and persons in Hanoi, especially the workers.Despite dealing with the dense and crowded city and the difficult time to make a living every day, people in Hanoi still love their life and never miss beautiful moments.


The exhibition is jointly held by Grand Vista Hanoi and journalist Nguyen Viet Thanh to celebrate the new year.


Nguyen Viet Thanh, 1970, is well-known as an outstanding figure of Vietnamese contemporary photo-journalism. He also works as a lecturer in some universities in Hanoi.

Photo: Nguyen Vien Thanh

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