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117 works awarded at ASEAN Graphic Arts Competition and Exhibition
Nhat Minh 13:58, 2020/11/08
The event is a meaningful cultural and artistic activity of 2020 as Vietnam is the ASEAN Chair.

The third ASEAN Graphic Arts Competition and Exhibition has selected and awarded 117 works of 84 authors from 10 ASEAN member countries at the opening ceremony on November 6 in Hanoi.

 The awarding ceremony. Photo: VOV

The artistic council received 345 entries of 182 painters from 10 ASEAN countries. Of the exhibited works, the council awarded one first prize to a Thai painter, two second prizes (one from Thailand and the other from Vietnam), three third prizes (ti painters from the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam), and five consolidation prizes.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ta Quang Dong highlighted the artistic event saying it aims to enhance understanding and solidarity among ASEAN states and offers a chance for painters in the region to meet and share their achievements, and introduce their countries, people, and cultures to others.

Mr. Dong said the event creates opportunities for exchanges and introduction of new achievements in graphic art creation in the region.

The exhibition includes works around issues of life, people, natural landscapes, peaceful country, solidarity, cooperation, friendship in ASEAN. The entries have been created since 2017.

The categories of art works include: embossing (wood, rubber, cover and other embossing techniques); debossing (carving on metal, mica, film, among other materials); and lithography. Through their works, ASEAN artists want to bring new and interesting perspectives to each work, gratifying the vision of the viewer by their techniques.

 An artwork created by local painter Nguyen Duc Hanh claimed one second prize.

The event is jointly held by the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition and the International Cooperation Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in coordination with the Vietnamese embassies in ASEAN countries and the Embassies of ASEAN countries in Vietnam.

The exhibition lasts until November 25 at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art, Hanoi.

According to Nguyen Nghia Phuong, vice chairman of the artistic council, it is a great win of print art in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. That shows the advantage and value of printed paintings for art exchange in today's world. Compared to the two previous events, the novelty of this event lies in the form of a multi-dimensional print to reveal interesting views for audiences.

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