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Vietnam Local Specialties Fair 2020 attracts locals
The annual Vietnam Local Specialties Fair 2020 is taking place at Vincom Mega Mall Royal City from November 25 to 29, with the participation of 200 local enterprises from 60 provinces and cities.

 The fair attracts a large turnout of locals. 

 All agricultural products and specialties at the fair are of high quality with clear origins.

 Luc Ngan orange from Bac Giang province.

 A variety of specialties from many provinces/cities are brought to the fair.

 Dried fruits that are made from bananas, potatoes, and jackfruits.

 Different types of coffee are available at the fair. 

 Smoked pork and buffalo meat, specialties from Vietnam’s Northwest region.

 Foreign products and goods are also showcased at the fair.
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