31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Marc Knapper: US and Vietnam to boost war legacies, trade, region security
The US-Vietnam relations are expected to develop to strategic partnership status.
12:10, 2021/10/26
White House stresses commitment to US-Vietnam relations
Both countries have overcome a difficult past to become trusted partners and are ready to take the partnership to a new level.
16:39, 2021/39/05
US to help identify unaccounted-for Vietnamese soldiers during wartime
Addressing war legacy issues have enabled the bilateral ties to be flourishing with multisectoral progress.
10:31, 2020/31/25
Solving war legacies helps build trust between US and Vietnam: Amb. Kritenbrink
The US ambassador believes that solving war legacies plays a particularly important role in enhancing the bilateral relations.